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Halls of Hilmer

This shining shop has a front of old armor from vanquished foes of Waterdeep bolted together and polished a deep, gleaming blue. Inside is a showroom and a fitting room, with doors that open into weapons practice room for clients to practice running, turning, fighting, and climbing stairs in armor. Beyond there lies the huge, cluttered workshops. Plate armor hangs, or in the form of full suits, stands everywhere.

The work of Master Hilmer was, in his day, unmatched. Today, the craft-descendents (that is, those who apprenticed to him in his craft, rather than blood relations) continue to run the shop, notable for its front of polished plate armor. All armor here is custom made; though the master smiths here will sell existing armor pieces and replacement pieces, such as gauntlets, none will set Hilmer's mark (a stamp of a gauntlet closing on a sword, and breaking it into three pieces) on shelf stock.

All finished pieces and raw materials are kept in two nearby warehouses, which rumours claim are guarded by animated suits of Master Hilmer's finest work.

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