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The Leaftide Bathhouse

The Leaftide Bathhouse is many things: a place to socialise and snack, to rest and escape the daily grind. Above all, it's a place to have a hot, relaxing soak that leaves you feeling better than when you came in.

The bathhouse shares the name of its proprietors, an old family of stout halflings who once eked out a living as farmers in the Undercliff. After a few harsh seasons and bad harvests washed away their fortunes, the Leaftides finally left their ancestral homes and scattered about the Sword Coast. One, Diavira Leaftide, pursued a brief career as an adventurer before making her way to Waterdeep to build a new home for herself, and a new business to boot.

Since its establishment, the warm and comfortable bath house has seen a brisk trade from the nearby Beluska’s Boarding House, as well as the servants of nearby residencies.

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