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Sea Ward

As the wealthiest ward of the city, Sea Ward is the seat of power for the established noble houses. Nearly empty during the winter due to the fierce sea storms, many of the nobles, well-to-do merchants, and social climbers call this home in the summer. Walking along the Street of the Singing Dolphin, the major avenue for the ward, one can expect to spot many of the grandest homes in Waterdeep, from the spires and gables of noble villas to the craggy and mysterious turrets of the wizards' towers. Sea Ward also contains many of the city's temples and Heroes' Garden, the only public garden outside the City of the Dead. Truly important (and self-important) people come to this ward to build their opulent homes while more modest folk or those more entrenched in the everyday politics and power of the city often choose to live in Castle Ward.



  • North Dolphin: Bliss Street, Dragonlane, Gondwatch, Gorl Street, the Greens, Seawatch, Spellwatch, Staghunt, Tabra's Lane, Torch Lane, Wagonslide Alley, Wavesong, the Whispers, Xamostar's Blade
  • North Mendever: Blackcrow, Downskulls Cut, Helvegate, Kulzar's Alley, Morinskoar, Scrivener's Knot, Solstice Gate, Spireview, Sweetfountain, Taryn's Peace, Trollgate, Umoros, Vayne's Alley, the Wellcut, Wrightstone
  • South Dolphin: Brovan's Bend, Caldwell, Eradis, Feather's Point, Field of Triumph, Hero's Garden, Hero's Walk, Jelzar's Stride, Lion's Circle, Mooncourt, Runer's Alley, Seaeye's March, Sharra's Flight, Sunshield Alley, Westwall
  • South Mendever: Arborfine, Brendinshield, Cloaksweep, Elfshade, Quarrel Alley, Roguerun Alley, Semmerlane, Silver Council, Sutherlane, Swartin's Huddle, Wellcourt
  • Trollpoint: Howand's Run, Iludan's Ride, Murlpar Street, Sandorim's Rest, Seawind, Shank Alley, Trolltower Court, Twostars


Points of Interest

Watch of Sea Ward

Wardsman: Polona Havyn (Tabra's Watchpost)

  • Wellcourt Watchpost: Rorden: Albinus Lir
  • Morinskoar Watchpost: Rorden: Ailmar Londron
  • Skulls Watchpost: Rorden: Efari Arkherlim
  • Howand's Watchpost: Rorden: Ilenne Havyn
  • Tabra's Watchpost: Rorden: Gredlan Sable
  • Dob's Watchpost: Rorden: Gaufridus Bladesemmer
  • Shark St. Watchpost: Rorden: Turbert Llaer



Noble Villas


Private Homes



Mage Residences

Archemidal's Tower

The Blue Alley

The Dragon Tower Ruin




Stagdown Manse



Gerin's Breads

Selchoun's Sundries

Tammerbund's Glasswares

Velatha's Delights

Melvar's Chapbooks & Folios

Aurora's Realms Shop, Singing Dolphin Branch

Sarenda's Triumphant Arms

Halazar's Fine Gems




Wyvern's Rest

Golden Harp Inn

The Silken Sylph

Dacer's Inn

Pilgrim's Rest

The Wandering Wemic

Maerghoun's Inn



The Sated Satyr

Mermaid On A Dolphin

The Fiery Flagon

The Ship's Wheel

Gounar's Tavern

The Broken Lance



High Flagon Gambling Hall

House of Purple Silks



Temple of Beauty

Tower of Luck

House of Wonder

House of Inspired Hands

Chaple of the Divine Right

Foehammer Shrine

House of the Moon

House of Heroes


City Buildings

Hero's Garden

Field of Triumph

  • Seaeyes Tower: Sentry Tower
  • West Gate: City Gate
  • Seawatch Tower: Sentry Tower
  • North Tower: Sentry tower; also called "The Trolltower"
  • City Armory: Armory for City Guard
  • Trollfort: Keep


Alleys & Courts

  • Gondwatch Lane, the scorched cobbles lane at the southern entrance to the House of Inspired Hands where many Gondsmens' inventions are tested.
  • Kulzar's Alley, a short alley close to Heroes' Walk that allegedly hides both the buried treasure of Kulzar and many treasure-hunters eager to find it.
  • Pharra's Alley, named for the first Temple Magistress of the House of Wonder but infamous for the Circle of Skulls that spew either helpful news or deadly spells.
  • Prayer Alley, a short run parallel to Phastal Street that is the location of a vanishing mages' shop.
  • Rook Alley, an alley with access to a variety of strange passages into tombs and other tunnel systems. The Watch maintains a strong presence here at most times of day, and all through the night.
  • Wagonslide Alley, a loose-stone paved alleyway that causes as many to trip over its cobbles as wagons used to slip on water or sea-rime (rumor has it thieves hide invisible weapons and secret messages under the stones).

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