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A wandering historian, Laddin Tho is the best source of general and historical knowledge on the plains. The problem for most of those who seek his knowledge is pulling the useful details from his endlessly meandering tales. Tho is nearly as tall as the eneko laborers he drinks with constantly, but his gaunt frame gives him the look of an oddly mustached insect. His apartments in Ndterise are rumored to hold one of the largest collections of arcane scrolls outside the enclaves of the Keepers of the Word, but Tho's days as a hired spellslinger (which he happily recounts in excruciating detail) are long behind him.

On the south side of the Koronoo River, not far from the Waterworks, the Wayward Lobster is a carousing place for those who fancy themselves scoundrels. The tavern’s clientele—pickpockets, smugglers, burglars, and people who plan crime but never commit it—is afflicted with delusions of grandeur. Under the influence of gin, they devise elaborate schemes, only to forget them the next morning. Still, a few actual crimes have been hatched in the tavern.

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