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Classes have two broad categories - their role, and their power source. Roles define the primary combat function of a class. Power Sources are the thematic basis for the class. 

Power sources: Arcane, Divine, Martial, Primal, Psionic, and Shadow


Controllers manipulate the battlefield, emphasizing area control and debilitating effects.

Unknown: As a Primal Controller, Druids can shapeshift and summon natural allies.

Unknown: As a Divine Controller, Invokers make a direct covenant with their faith.

Unknown: As a Shadow Controller, Necromancers drain the energy from their foes and summon undead allies.

Unknown: As a Psionic Controller, Psions manipulate their opponent's minds and can fling objects.

Unknown: As a Primal Controller, Seekers use their bow and animal companion.

Unknown: As an Arcane Controller, Wizards control the building blocks of reality and can summon elemental allies.


Defenders all have the ability to "Mark" foes, imposing a penalty on the enemy if they choose to attack the Defender's allies.

Unknown: As a Psionic Defender, Battleminds fortify themselves using the power of their mind and their intense discipline.

Unknown: As a Shadow Defender, Blood Knights drain the life from their enemies.

Unknown: As a Martial Defender, Fighters make their way only with their skill at arms.

Unknown: As a Divine Defender, Paladins shield themselves with their faith and plate armor.

Unknown: As an Arcane Defender, Swordmages use magic to enchant their equipment and hobble their foes.

Unknown: As a Primal Defender, Wardens assume spirit forms and entangle their foes.


Leaders have the ability to heal and support their allies.

Unknown: As a Psionic Leader, Ardents bolster the emotions of their allies.

Unknown: As an Arcane Leader, Artificers build contraptions and enchant their allies.

Unknown: As an Arcane Leader, Bards play inspiring songs.

Unknown: As a Divine Leader, Clerics call upon holy magic and can wade into melee.

Unknown: As a Primal Leader, Shamans have a spirit companion to bolster their allies.

Unknown: As a Martial Leader, Warlords utilize their knowledge of the battlefield to leverage an advantage.

Unknown: As a Shadow Leader, Witch Doctors call upon dark spirits.


Strikers are all capable of significant damage, and can bring mobility and target selection.

Unknown: As a Shadow Striker, Assassins control the shadows and utilize poisons.

Unknown: As a Divine Striker, Avengers isolate enemies to eliminate.

Unknown: As a Primal Striker, Barbarians fly into powerful rages.

Unknown: As a Psionic Striker, Monks use their intense discipline to nimbly deliver flurries of blows.

Unknown: As a Martial Striker, Rangers are trackers and hunters, using both bow and blade.

Unknown: As a Martial Striker, Rogues fight dirty with daggers and crossbows.

Unknown: As an Arcane Striker, Sorcerers use the magic inherent in their bloodlines to blast large areas.

Unknown: As an Arcane Striker, Warlocks make a pact with greater powers.

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Common Races

The vast majority of Khorvaire residents constitute the following races. These races also make up the Dragonmarked houses, the economic powerhouses of Khorvaire. While each of these races have an homeland, large quantities of each are assimilated into the cities and towns.

Unknown: The homeland of the Dwarves is the The Mror Holds to the northeast, where twelve Dwarven Clans rule as a council.

House Kundarak bears the Unknown and runs the Warding Guild and Banking Guild.

Unknown: The majority of Khorvaire's elves are integrated into high society, accumulating significant wealth over their long lives. The Unknown worship Undying Court, their preserved ancestors who rule the island continent of Aeranel. The warlike Unknown ritually re-enact the lives of their ancestors and make up the Valaes Tairn, who control the nation of Valenar.

House Thuranni and House Phiarlan share the Unknown. House Phiarlan runs the Entertainers and Artisans Guild.

Unknown: Gnomes call the mountain nation of Zilargo their home. Their cheerful demeanor often conceals a complicated set of politics and schemes.

House Sivis bears the Speakers Guild and Notaries Guild.

Unknown: In Khorvaire's cities, halflings fill all rungs of the social ladder. The Unknown claim The Talenta Plains as their ancestral home, where nomadic tribes ride and herd dinosaurs in pastoral living.

House Jorasco, which bears the Unknown, owns the Healers Guild. House Ghallanda, which bears the Unknown, owns the Hostelers Guild.

Unknown: The most populous race of Khorvaire, Humans immigrated from Sarlona in ancient times with the mythic explorer Lhazaar. Humans bear the most marks.

House Cannith bears the Unknown, with the Tinkers Guild and Fabricators Guild. House Deneith bears the Unknown and has the Blademarks Guild and Defender's Guild in addition to running the Sentinel Marshals. House Orien bears the Unknown and has Couriers Guild and Transportation Guild. House Vadalis bears the Unknown and has the Handlers Guild.

Unknown: Also known as Half-Elves, the Khoravar are a living representation of the integration of the historic integration of Elves and Humans. Now a true breeding race, the Khoravar have two unique Dragonmarks.

House Lyrandar, which bears the Unknown has both the Raincallers Guild and Windwrights Guild. House Medani, which bears the Unknown, run the Warning Guild.

Unknown: While reclusive to The Shadow Marches in the past, Orcs have seen a need to incorporate with broader Khorvaire.

House Tharashk bears the Unknown and has the Finders Guild and the Dragonne's Roar.

Uncommon Races

These races are not as numerous as the Dragonmarked races and tend to be concentrated within their own communities. Furthermore, each of these races are generally treated as second class citizens in the Five Nations.

Unknown: Also known as Hobgoblins, the Ghaal'dar are the traditional organizers and soldiers of the Dar.

Unknown: Also known as Goblins, the Golin'dar are the most numerous of the Dar.

Unknown: Also known as Bugbears, the Guul'dar are the traditional brutes and enforcers of the Dar.

Unknown : Created during the Last War and accidentally imbued with Sentience, the Warforged are recently freed and unsure of their place in the world.

Rare Races

Communities of these races tend to be isolated, and while these races are not unknown in Khorvaire most townfolk have never met a member.

Unknown : Natural shapeshifters, Changelings are actually widespread in Khorvaire but tend to avoid making their presence known.

Unknown: Trapped on the Material Plane since the Mourning, Eladrin share a common ancestry with Elves.

Unknown: Riedra dissidents empowered by rebellious spirits, Kalashtar are of one body and two minds.

Unknown: Historically confused for Lycanthropes, Shifters summon animalistic power when threatened.

Monstrous Races

The monstrous races are rarely seen within the five nations and are likely to be viewed with fear or suspicion.

Unknown: Once loyal servants and soldiers of Argonnessen, Dragonborn inhabit the swamps of Q'barra

Unknown : When the elves fled to Aerenal, some were left behind on Xen'drik. The elves who stayed were transformed into drow by the magic that permeates the continent.

Unknown: Freed from the demon Yeenoghu, the Gnolls of the Znir Pact serve Droaam as mercenaries.

Unknown: Sometimes referred to as "Half-Giants", Goliaths live in the mountains of Droaam

Unknown: Bloodthirsty but surprisingly intelligent, Minotaurs have begrudgingly accepted the new Droaam.

Unknown: Creatures born during planar convergences or inside a manifest zone can be transformed into planetouched, beings with a special connection to a particular plane or other supernatural force.

Unknown: Found in isolated tribes deep within the jungles of Xen'drik, Thri-Kreen are large insectoids with multiple arms and mandibles.

Aquatic Races

Unknown: Protected by their hard shells, Aldani are a deep-dwelling and reclusive race.

Unknown: Heirs to a fallen civilization off the coast of Sarlona, the magic flows through their veins.

Unknown: Small and tentacled, cephalids rely on their cleverness to survive.

Unknown: Like orcas, Darfellan have white and black skin, impressive ability to hold their breath, and echolocation.

Unknown: Empathic plant people, laminariads are amongst the oldest races on Eberron.

Unknown: The most populous of the aquatic races, locathah come in all shapes and sizes.

Unknown: The main interface between humanity and the aquatic races, merfolk along the coast and near the surface of most coasts.

Unknown: A small sluglike race with natural psionic ability.

Unknown: Deep-dwelling carnivores, Sahuagin have a long history of animosity with almost every other race that has earned them the nickname "Sea Devils".

Unknown: The sworn guardians of the deeps, tritons long ago made a pact with the couatls to serve as mortal stewards of the silver flame.

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Every character's story starts somewhere. The ten questions below are designed to explore your character's BackstoryPersonality, and Connections.


1. Where are you from?

The Five Nations

The Five Nations used to be the five provinces of Galifar. Over the course of The Last War, which broke Galifar apart, various secessionist movements carved away at the Five Nations until they found their current borders.

Aundair is the most magical of the Five Nations. Aundairians care about being on the cutting edge, whether it's magic or fashion.

Breland is the breadbasket of the Five Nations. The Brelish value their freedoms, having established an elected parliament to represent the will of the people in government.

New Cyre, a reclaimed city in Breland near the Darguun border.

Karrnath is the most militaristic of the Five Nations. Facing famine and hardship during the Last War, Karrnathians turned to the Blood of Vol and necromancy, reanimating fallen soldiers to serve their country in undeath. King Kaius III has upset this tradition and centralized power, taking it back from warlords and the clergy.

Thrane is the most devout of the Five Nations. Home to the Church of the Silver Flame, Thranes turned to theocracy during the Last War. While the King still serves as a state figurehead, decisions are made by the Council of Cardinals.

Greater Khorvaire

There are many regions of Khorvaire that are not part of the Five Nations, and as such were able to escape the worst parts of The Last War.

Darguun : A nation of goblinoids, Darguun's bloody secession from Cyre left them less than trusted

The Demon Wastes: A desolate wasteland full of ancient evil, proud tribes stand guard in the bordering mountains.

Droaam: A nation of monsters, Droamm's inhabitants only ventured forth as labor and mercenaries

The Eldeen Reaches: A nation of ranchers and rangers, the forests of the Eldeen Reaches are home to many druid and shifter communities.

The Lhazaar Principalities : An anarchic collective of captains and ports, the Lhazaar Principalities is home to pirates and privateers.

The Mror Holds: A confederation of dwarven clans, the inhabitants are defined by their grudges and their wealth

Q'barra: A fledgeling nation of people escaping the war, Qbarra is also home to native lizardfolk and dragonborn

The Shadow Marches: A swampy backwater, the Shadow Marches are home to the Orc tribes and House Tharashk

The Talenta Plains: A nation of halfling nomads, they are best known for the dinosaurs they ride

Valenar: A nation of elven warbands, they seek to honor their ancestors by proving their worth in combat

Zilargo: A nation of gnomes, Zilargo is home to both major centers of learning and innumerable clan schemes.


While the continent of Khorvaire is large and full of a variety of cultures, beyond the oceanic borders lie vast, unexplored lands.

Aerenal : The homeland of the elves, Aerenal is ruled by the Undying Court, a deathless collective of elves dating back to their earliest days of freedom.

Argonnessen: A mysterious land of dragons, Seren Tribe Members usually spend their whole lives guarding the rocky coasts from outsiders.

Xen'drik: A jungle continent full of ancient ruins, the city of Stormreach is a lone bastion of civilization.

In addition to those lands listed above, the frozen Frostfell to the North is a mysterious, inhospitable wasteland. To the East lies Sarlona, an isolated continent ruled by the Riedran Empire.

2. What did you do during The Last War?

The Last War raged for over 100 years, from 894 YK to 996 YK. It devastated the continent of Khorvaire, reducing population levels by over a third.

Commoner: Most residents of Khorvaire didn't have a direct stake in the war, although the impact of the war on their lives was unavoidable. Whether academic or blacksmith, the war demanded vast quantities of resources and claimed the lives of both friends and family.

Dragonmarked: The dragonmarked guilds profited heavily off of the war as the central economic players of the continent. While by the numbers regular guildmembers are the most common, the dragonmarked scions who bear the magical birthmarks hold the real power in each house.

Noble: Each of the Five Nations has a web of lords and ladies that govern, even if the exact style of government for each is slightly different. For those in power, the Last War was an existential risk that also opened up opportunity for climbing the social ladder.

Soldier: Every nation fielded an army, from the Goblins of Darguun to the Bone Knights of Karrnath. The majority of armies were conscripted peasants that had only the barest minimum of training. However, innovative commanders drew upon whatever power sources they could get their hands on if it meant gaining an edge.

3. What do you believe?

Most citizens of Khorvaire follow one of the following three, dominant faiths

The Sovereign Host is a pantheon of nine "Sovereigns" and The Dark Six. Most who follow the Sovereigns worship the pantheon as a whole but make specific offerings to the relevant deity in times of need.

The Church of the Silver Flame is based in Flamekeep, founded upon where the paladin Tira Miron sacrificed herself to imprison the ancient demon Bel Shalor.

The Blood of Vol believes that mortality is a curse, and that true divine power comes from within.

Elves and Warforged have their own faiths, described on their pages.


4. What would you be willing to sacrifice for the good of the group?

Money? Fame? Your life? Which of your goals are you willing to put aside for the group?

5. Do you think with your head or act on your heart?

When you're pressed do you stop to consider the situation, or is time of the essence?

6. What freedoms can society sacrifice in the name of security?

With the Last War in the rearview mirror, the adjustment to peacetime and civilian life hasn't come easy. With the threat of a new war only answered by what amounts to a ceasefire, governments must face hard questions about the line between cooperation and holding strong against incursions. Where does your character draw the line for acceptable government action?

7. Do you want to be famous?

8. Class specific

Class Question
Ardent What's the strongest emotion you've felt?
Artificer What will be your magnum opus?
Assassin Are there unacceptable targets?
Avenger Are your religious superiors infallible?
Barbarian Is raging ever not the answer?
Bard Is music without an audience worthwhile?
Battlemind When do you know that you've reached your peak?
Blood Knight Is combat a duty or something to enjoy?
Cleric Who is worth saving?
Druid Are all wilds worth protecting?
Fighter Will your fight ever end?
Hexblade What do you agree/disagree on with your vestige weapon?
Invoker How has your life changed since your experience with the divine?
Monk Did you leave on good terms with your master?
Necromancer Are there any corpses that are off limits?
Paladin Are others worth redemption or conversion?
Psion Is there free will?
Ranger What's the farthest you've gone to survive?
Rogue Is money intrinsically valuable?
Seeker Is civilization ever justified in its encroaches?
Shaman Who is your spirit companion?
Sorcerer Do you want to know more about your bloodline and its history?
Swordmage Which do you prioritize, offense or defense?
Warden How far will you go to protect the wilds?
Warlock Why did you enter into your pact?
Warlord How do you know you've pushed your troops too far?
Witch Doctor Are there any dark spirits you're careful not to traffic with?
Wizard How do you feel about magic users that were granted power rather than having to study for it?


9. What fuels the flames of your desire?

Think about the following types of bonds

  • Friendship
  • Family
  • Rivalry
  • Romance

10. What is one connection to another party member?

(Note: That party member cannot name you for this question)

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Point Buy

Start with these six scores: 8, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10. You have 22 points to spend on improving them. The cost of raising a score from one number to a higher number is shown on the table below.

Score Cost
9 - (1)*
10 0 (2)*
11 1
12 2
13 3
14 5
15 7
16 9
17 12
18 16

*Only applicable to the single starting 8

Apply your racial ability adjustments after you determine your scores.

Sample Arrays

The following are sample arrays that could be constructed with the above point buy method.

Hi/Lo: 18, 14, 11, 10, 10, 8

Split: 16, 16, 12, 12, 10, 8

Spread: 16, 14, 14, 11, 10, 10

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Remaining steps

  1. Select Skills and Competencies
  2. Select Level 0 Powers
  3. Select class features
  4. Select class powers
  5. Select Feats and Flaws
  6. Choose Starting Equipment
  7. Calculate hit points (Con Score) and healing surges (Con Modifier)

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