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Demise is a rising star in the ranks of the Order of the Emerald Claw. Born in Aerenal, she was fascinated with the legends of the House of Vol and soon fell in with the disturbing sect known as the Stillborn. She possessed a natural gift for necromancy and was soon recruited into the ranks of the Order of the Emerald Claw. She is fanatically devoted to the order, and dreams of someday becoming a lich and serving at the side of ancient Vol herself. For the moment, she oversees small operations, leading groups of lesser minions (skeletons, zombies, or low-level warriors, rogues, or clerics of the Blood of Vol) as they work to steal valuable items or perform dark rituals.

Demise wears a black robe and a darkweave cloak that covers her like a strip of pure shadow. Her face is hidden beneath a beautiful deathmask; where her flesh is revealed—her hands, forearms, and neck—it is gray and rotting. In this respect she appears to be a zombie or a lich, but in fact her skin condition is artificially induced, and she is perfectly healthy and alive. Those who spot her decaying flesh, which is far more obvious should she remove her mask, may be baffled by her ability to resist turning, disrupt undead, and similar effects.

When dealing with others, Demise has a chillingly nihilistic attitude. She constantly challenges all the heroes’ achievements, encouraging them to give up their struggle and surrender to the inevitability of death.

Created by Joseph Meehan 3 years ago. Last modified by Joseph Meehan 3 years ago

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