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Our story takes place in the Iron Empire, a sprawling civilization ruled by Uthark, an almost invincible magic wielder who rules with his extreme power. Uthark watches from his Steel Citadel in the capital of Anathema, which he founded in the Tempest Sea after emerging victorious from the War of Seven which threatened the livelihood of all those living in the land twelve years ago. For most, he is the savior of the realm and is revered as such.


Spreading Tendrils

Uthark’s power comes not only from his superlative magical prowess but from his network of informants and enforcers. There is little he cannot discover if he does not wish it. At the top of this network are his Keepers, a small circle of extremely loyal and powerful allies to him. Their presence across the empire is what keeps unruly forces from committing undesirable acts. Their identities, saved for a few, are kept hidden. Some wield their title in order to influence their surroundings and participate openly in public life while others prefer to influence from the shadows.


Strange Beginnings…

Despite the overpowering force that is Uthark and his veteran defenders protecting the realm, whispers are circling of dark dealings in the corners of the world. Can such rumors be true? How can evil rise while the mighty force of peace is still very much alive? Who or what could be as delusional to challenge he who can vanquish even the most vile creatures with ease?