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Mironia is one of the major powers within The Five Realms. It is a hub for art, culture, knowledge, and magic, currently ruled by King Alistair Sonnique. Though referred to as a kingdom, Mironia is in fact the hub of an empire, having conquered Pandyssia and, more recently, the Pandyssian Isles, and Visia.


Mironia shares a land border with Quell to its north, and Arimore to its north north-west. The kingdom's land is prodominantly made up of lucious sylvan forests and large mountain ranges, with part of the Kilnun mountains spanning much of the west coast, the Iklior mountains to the south, and the Thersel mountains to the east. The Älūs river from the Kilnun mountains across the full width of Mironia, while the river Doe'en flows down from the Thersel mountains through the capital of Alysium where it meets the sea.

The highest peaks are bitterly cold and topped with large amounts of snow all year round. The rest of the land has a temperate climate and has a lot of forest and temperate grasslands outside of settlements. Beasts and monsters native to mountain, hill, forest, grassland, coastal and arctic habitats can be found in various places throughout Mironia, with magical creatures occuring more frequently with giants, dragons, elementals, and some fey found here.

Major Cities

The Capital City of Alysium is a busy port city and a hub of magic and wonder. Other major cities include Mistdell, Waywyn, Melikiir, Daeklor, Solinar, Naïla, and Estra.


Mironia has a diverse population with the largest Elven, Halfling, Gnome, Vedalken, Firbolg, Genasi, and Fey populations in The Five Realms. Those of other ancestries can also be found throughout Mironia, though in smaller numbers, often around Alysium or the other major cities, and magic use is common amongst them.

Life in Mironia

Mironia is a kingdom steeped in magic, art, and tradition, populated largely by longlived and innately magical species. As such, most Mironians have learned at least some basic spellcasting, with cantrips and sometimes first level spells taught as part of standard education alongside reading, writing, and mathematics. Whether they can cast magic or not though, magic is something that Mironians hold close to their hearts, both in the Kingdoms fight to preserve it in the face of the three thousand year Quellian/Mironian War that dominated so much of their lives and their history and only ended very recently, and in their worship of the now deceased Goddess Kallita.
It is traditional for many Mironians to spend their early adulthood travelling, in military service, or exploring artistic and other pursuits as they discover who they are, and what they wish to do with their, often very long, lives. As Mironians approach adulthood they are often expected to settle down and establish themselves in their chosen field, with most returning home to assist their parents or House to continue the traditions of their lineage.


Mironia is now ruled by Monarchy, with the position currently held by King Alistair Sonnique. Mironia has been ruled by the Sonnique line for thousands of years. Whilst Alistair's initial adoption and crowning as heir was extremely controversial due to his Quellian heritage, his service on the Mironian front, ending the Quellian/Mironian War, handling of the Elf Plague , and defeating the tyrant All-God Ævar in the Assault on Heaven, have won him favour of the noble houses, international respect, and the approval of the people.


Mironia is ruled primarily by its reigning monarch, with the support of the Noble Houses, who both advise the crown and help to enforce their rule in the city or town they oversee.


It is thought that people have called the lands of Arimore their home since the Beginning. Whilst Arimore is now home to people of all ancestries, it is thought that originally the mainland forests were prodominantly home to Humans and Tabaxi, its mountain ranges populated by Aarakocra, Dwarves and Goliaths, with the islands of Harl and Drachonis populated by Dragonborns, Lizardfolk, and Loxodon.

Over time these settlements expanded into city-states and later kingdoms, with the Kingdom of Arimore slowly conquering the mainland from the west to the east over the centuries. The Kingdom's loyalties fractured in 3215BA when the then Princess Katraine Rivvermont declared the lands she had conquered would become their own independent Kingdom of Ri'En, resulting in a five year war which Arimore ultimately lost.

During the Kingdom of Arimore's reign, many Tieflings on the mainland were transported to a colony in Harl, a practice which ended after the Goddess Inferis formally pardoned Tieflings in 3215BA. Harl was later conquered in 3145BA, with Drachonis becoming a part of unified Arimore in 1425BA.

The Arimorean Civil War broke out in 89BA, with the resistance ultimately killing the Arimorean royalists after a bloody eight year war in 81BA. The yeuar that followed was a tumultous year for Arimore, with the resistance leaders slowly dying or pledging their allegiance to Lord Ferrand Vitali, who formally became Arimore's first Benevolent Dictator in 80BA. It is rumoured that his son, Lord Grigori Vitali, was responsible for his untimely death in 61BA and that with his death came the beginning of Guilds and paperwork that are intrisically associated with Arimore today.

Arimore's current Benevolent Dictator, Lady V came into power in 12BA, following a string of unfortunate accidental deaths of various members of nobility that ended with Lord Grigori Vitali’s death. Since coming into power, Arimore’s need for licenses and guilds has only increased, including the introduction of a magic license following an infamous incident in Eribourne.

In 1BA, the then Visia Empire suddenly invaded Harl with an army of undying warriors, quickly taking it, as well as Drachonis and the towns north of the mountains on the Arimorean Mainland. Arimore regained control of its territories and the war ended on the 4th Morndus of Mistfel 1BA when the invading undying army was destroyed with Emperor Malik's death.


Arimore has an amicable relationship with the other Realms with no large ongoing tensions. Despite their distance, Mironia is considered their closest ally, thanks largely to Arimore's Guilds and Mironia's Alysium's Academy of the Arcane. Since Mironia conquered Visia relations have improved there too, whilst in recent years following the Visian Invasion they were previously strained.

Relations with Ri'En are generally amicable, though the closeness of the neighbouring realms was weakened by the death and relegation of the Arimorean noble houses, trade is still strong between the two.

Relations between Arimore and Quell have greatly improved in recent years, following Lord Astor Harana's ambassadorial visits and their subsequent coming into power.

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