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Alistair Sonnique


King Alistair Sonnique is the current King of the Kingdom of Mironia, and its territories, Pandyssia, and Visia. Alistair was born on the 1st Morndus of Arcanfel 22BA to unknown Quellian parents in Quell. He somehow survived crossing the Quellian border into Mironia during the Quellian/Mironian War in 15BA, the traumatic experience that rendered him mute for several years after. He was found by the then Queen Vivienne Sonnique and took him in as her ward. Alistair was formally adopted later that year on the 1st Soldus of Omnifel, a scandal given his nationality, and given the very best education and training, quickly discovering that he was a prodigy in combat and tactics, and a quick learner elsewhere though he has never displayed any magical aptitude.

Alistair obtained his first dragon, Semre, at age 10, persuading Queen Vivienne Sonnique to let him try and raise it rather than destroy it when the egg was discovered on the black market. It is sometimes reported that this was the first time Alistair is known to have spoken since crossing the border.

Despite the public disapproval, Alistair was crowned prince and heir to Mironia on his 14th birthday in 8BA by Queen Vivienne Sonnique, when he was also gifted his second dragon, Zovur. His new role was one that he took seriously, attending meetings,  training knights, periodically fighting on the front line of the war, and leading the army himself. He obtained his third dragon, Necator, early in 1BA.

Alistair became publically engaged to Princess Kara of the Kingdom of Ri'En on the 3rd Thordus of Mistfel 1BA, and the two married a year later on the 4th Thordus of Mistfel 0ÆR, shortly after he successfully ended the Quellian/Mironian War and brought peace to a war that had waged over three thousand years.

A few months later, the Elf Plague stole Alistair's mother from him, plunging him suddenly into becoming King of a kingdom devastated by the sudden death of countless elf citizens. He vowed to find the adventurers thought to be responsible and to bring them to justice, successfully capturing them, and learned that it was not the adventurers but Ævar that was responsible for the tragedy. Alistair immediately mobilised the Mironian Army and led the Assault on Heaven himself, successfully killing Ævar and returning the fallen elves to life, including his mother Queen Vivienne Sonnique, who opted not to return to the throne herself and formally conceeded it to Alistair. His formal coronation was on the 1st Tildus of Bornemas, having not had a ceremony previously due to the ongoing crisis.

Alistair formally ended the Pandyssian tradition of the Unknown, travelling to Pandyssia to return The Protector, Ixchel, home. Whilst there Alistair prevented a rebellion of a minority who stood against Mironian rule, and has since expanded and secured his rule to all of Pandyssia and the Pandyssian Isles.

During Bloodmas 1AR, Alistair challenged each of the Visian faction leaders to a fight to the death in single combat, taking their rule under their ancient rites, and uniting Visia under his rule, ending nonconsensual slavery and appointing the then Lord Maverick to oversee Visia's day to day rule.

On the 1st Morndus of Windswane 2AR, King Alistair and Queen Kara publicly announced their divorce, admitting that their marriage had been political and though they cared deeply for one another, they had decided to part ways.

On the 1st Morndus of Bornemas 3AR, King Alistair and High Priestess Illuzi Bearhaven publicly announce their courtship.

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