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18 Month Status Report

Crossing the 10'000 users, 150 patreons, and coming close to 500 Discord users.
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Cresting a hill just south of Greenest is an unlikely group of adventures. Within this group we find...
Lamin Gellantara, a female human Wizard/(temptress?) with a gleam in her eye and a mission in her heart.
Drarakas Grageon, a male Dragonborn Bloodhunter with an eyes front, “let’s get this done” personality.
Belven Silentread, a male Dark Elf (Drow) that has seemingly turned on the Drow ways and is on a mission to balance the reputation that his kind has (rightfully) earned.
Cruven Silvershaper, a male Bard. This whimsical little fellow seems to “go with the flow”..... and what is up with playing dress-up all the time? Well, Bards will be Bards.... But those little hidden talents are what you want to look out for.
Doent Noen Nhow, a male Fighter. This unknown Knight joins us later in the story. He is a very decisive character that seems to be at constant odds when it comes to his moral compass. He is the embodiment of the "Strong Silent" type.

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