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The Solari



Depending whom you ask, Solarian is viewed as either a god in his own right, a blessed saint, a false prophet, or a heretic of the first magnitude. The Sect of Solarian (also commonly referred to a cult) is mostly centered in some areas of Sentra where the hero Solarian traveled. It consists of at least three distinct splinter groups, each of which call themselves the Solari or Sect of Solarian. Fundamentally, the Solari believe that Solarian is a great saint, once a mortal man, and ascended to godhood or something close to it upon his death. From that foundation, the different cults diverge on their specific beliefs and practices, sometimes turning their religious differences into more physical conflict.

The cult first appeared in the years following the saint's death. Individuals experienced visions in which Solarian spoke and called upon them to continue his works. Although initially viewed with disdain by other faiths, the worship of Solarian caught on quickly and spread first from Baron's City and then into the rest of the Sentran Empire. More and more people experienced visions of stunning clarity—far different than the usual cryptic and confusing visions often attributed to the gods. Their fervent belief proved remarkably contagious as it crossed cultural and language barriers.

The speed and ferocity of this religion's spread has startled leaders both material and divine. The official response from the Empire, Aldarites and other clergy is that Solarian died a hero's death on the battlefield, but to attribute godhood to him was impious at best and heretical at worst. Nonetheless, the cult gained support and continued to spread.

Cult members understand they still must watch against many enemies, both religious and secular. At its core, the cult is an organization for the disaffected and the outcast, the people that might otherwise have no hope.

The Solari do not have a hierarchy, they do not build permanent temples, and they observe only a handful of specific rituals or ceremonies. For the most part, clerics and followers of Solarian observe their faith in highly individualistic and unique ways, with little concern for the "proper" forms.


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