One of the most desirable residential neighborhoods in Hightower Ward if you have the money to afford the lifestyle. Wyvern Towers holds some of the tallest and most luxurious towers of the Palatial District, some of them topping one hundred and fifty feet. It's home to the some of the wealthiest and most elite citizens of the Empire.

Places of Interest

The Aurora Gallery is an art gallery devoted to the artistic talents of humankind, usually with a focus on older imperial works.

Jaetha's is one of the finest (and most expensive) restaurants in the city. It's known for it's extensive wine collection.  Although they serve imperial cuisine, there are some elvish influences in the spicier dishes.  

Imoran Embassy is where one can find the ambassador of Imora and her staff.


Art by Damian Krzywonos with modifications by the author.

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