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Session 10: Personal Things


Continued from Session 9: Unwanted Visitors.

Needing to find a nice formal outfit for his father Liam, Amos took him to the Cute As A Button boutique and haberdasher to get fitted. Feeling good that he was leaving his father in the capable hands of the proprietor Unknown, he left to meet the others.

While Tor'in went to find Oak and Alcor to see what they've learned, Amos, Meriel, and Ren met at The Buttered Biscuit for fresh baked pastries and to plan their next move. Ren shared the message he got from Braelyn, left hidden in a piece of graffiti art outside his home: "Shan knows. There was another murder. Two days ago. B." The group decided to look for more message from Braelyn, and Meriel spotted a hidden piece that showed where to meet her in the Warrens.

The group arrived at a short brown house as described by Braelyn, although there were a few people watching it. Braelyn was glad to see them, and told them of this new murder that happened before Thea was murdered. She said she could take them to see the body, but she'd have to convince Artellus Prusun, one of Shan's advisors and a Solari. When the party agreed, Braelyn shouted out to the watchers on the street to bring Artellus. He arrived as smug as ever, but Braelyn convinced him that her friends could help find the murderer, which would benefit Shan and the White Daggers.

Artellus and one of his men led the group to a small shrine of the Keepers. Ren and Amos looked over the body, and it matched the description of the stranger from Soft Blooms. Artellus said his name was Rhys Asertis, a local beggar. The clothes he had also matched the stranger's description. They saw that there were two careful cuts down the arm from wrist to elbow, just as with Thea, although Rhys also had his throat cut. He had a few coppers on his person, but it looked like a ring was missing, based on careful examination of Rhys's left ring finger.  The party discussed why certain people were targeted by the killer.

With this new information, the party decided to check on Emlyn, who may have also been copied by the killer. Amos took the group to The Ministries where an Aldarite was less than helpful. Amos still found a copy of Emlyn's work pass, and found his description, his hometown, citizenship status, and where he lives and works. With new information in hand, the party made their way Emlyn's place of work, Lukasak Tannery in Smelting Row.

Emlyn was helpful, although nervous. Amos showed him the tankard that Ren found in Thea's room, and Emlyn confirmed it was his. He made it when he was younger (10 years, 3 months, and 6 days ago) because he was planning on being a potter.  Emlyn describes that when the stranger bought him a new drink at Soft Blooms, he did not realize that his tankard was switched at first. He say the fight made him nervous and so he had a little too much to drink. Emlyn stated that the stranger kept scratching his arms. Worried about his safety, the group wanted to take Emlyn into custody, but he said he wouldn't be off work for another 5 hours and 34 minutes. With some help from Meriel, Amos was able to convince the tannery foreman to let Emlyn leave early with pay.

Continues in Session 11: Blood and Boltholes.

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Art by Tarmo Juhola.

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