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Shock & Awe




Welcome to 2127; a proverbial shithole where the truth belongs to the highest bidder, the environment is just a tax write-off, and the only difference between the common criminal and a CEO is how much they steal. 

Hope you enjoy your stay.

My last game, the Department of Natural Mysteries, was fairly light-hearted and fun. Inherently funny with some exceptions where the tone would change. This game is the opposite, it is a game with a more serious tone and less meta references and jokes inherent to the setting and style. It's going to take itself seriously, not that you have to. They don't care where you came from, who you are, or how out-of-place you feel. Everyone here is worried about themselves, and how they can use others to their own benefit.

Header credit: artursadlos on deviantart

[digital_shades]  is a rules-lite cyberpunk system, simple enough that your character sheet takes up half a legal-sized piece of paper. This offers a lot of narrative flexibility without being burdened by rules and minutiae. It's so simple it could even be run without a game master.

The game will be played mostly theatre of the mind with some multimedia use which would be me streaming video via discord. Dice rolling would be done either with a discord bot, physical dice if you promise to play fair, or some 3rd party application we all agree on.

Direct link to character sheet/rules (PDF) here  

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