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Department of Natural Mysteries




Welcome to the Canadian Department of Natural Mysteries (DNM). An institute made for investigating extranormal and non-normal events, objects, and beings that go against the conventional understanding of the world.
Your destination: Ottawa, Canada on Earth.

You walk through the door in your homeworld and find yourself standing in a very dour building. Concrete, no windows. A desk before you and an enormous emblem on the wall. The light is dim, and an alarm blares in the distance. What is going on here?

Uncover the mystery that spans cubicles, offices, paperwork, and - is that a demiplane? No, seriously, what is going on here?

This will be run in Fate: Accelerated (FAE) - pending any changes. It will be very rules-lite, tone heavy, and try to encourage inter-character roleplay with strange occurrences around you... A portion of the adventure will be run as a normal game, but mysteries and other things can be uncovered through the DNM Kanka if the prying mind wishes to investigate further. A very meta, and strange experience. But hopefully a blast.

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