1. Quests

Conquest of Yonder



The Story

The war between the mortal races and the Gygan empire has been raging for decades with the culmination being the siege of Yonder, one of the last Gygan strongholds. 

Such is the chaos that even the rift to reality that ripped through the sky above Yonder was met more with a pragmatic approach of how this will be handled rather than awe. You are one of the unlucky few to come out of the rift, landing directly in the war camp of one of the most famous of Dragonlords, General Estor Arkelander.

The Conquest of Yonder is (probably) the second adventure for the community game. It will be run on Roll20 and Discord for Voice and Video and span one session (two if things go super sideways).

If you do not have a passport yet and want to participate with a premade character I'm happy to provide one. It is run on D&D 5e with very few constraints on which books are to be used for character creation although the finished concept will be subject to DM approval.

The Characters start at level 10 and your existing tokens can be used to enhance your character with magical items and/or feats. Character creation is strictly done by point buy and average hp rolls. Leave the gambling for Vegas. Please send me the link to the passport and the finished D&D5e character with a reference to which books were used.

Feel free to use this link https://ddb.ac/campaigns/join/17653213661560994 so you can have access to my D&D beyond 5e content for character creation. If you are making a character in D&D beyond I thoroughly advise installing Beyond20 plugin which makes it so you can use the beyond character in roll20. Otherwise, you can use the character sheet in roll20 but ugh gods why would anyone do that to themselves.

As most community games there are no restrictions on settings your character might come from. A sci-fi smuggler will fit in as well as a fantasy barbarian. If you have any special powers, holy or arcane magic, psionics, I can help you with ideas on how to implement them in D&D 5e if necessary.

Art sourced from Arkadia Games & Odyssey of The Dragonlords