Dashboard Belmithra: Calamity Rising

Version 0.26.0

Bulk permissions edit & copy to my campaign.
A flying city. An elemental chaos threatening to consume it. A handful of mortals, summoned against it. It was a normal day for you, not particularly strange by any means until the very moment it was. In a flash, you found yourself in a field with other people, each equally confused as you. In the distance you see massive walls of purple energy, impossibly large and beyond them a roaring calamity of elemental energy that is rendered silent by those very walls. You look around, enfeebled by the sheer scale of the chaos beyond those walls, taking in for a moment how massive the area between them must be.  In the distance, you see something floating in the sky. It takes but a moment to recognize it as a city, shining in a perpetual light from above. It too must be of a massive scale. Slowly, you turn your eyes unto yourself, and notice a blue glyph upon your left hand that was not there before. You rub it, and it does not move; some kind of magical brand, slowly ...