Dashboard Rise of the King

The Quest

King Hrothgar is ill, and will soon die. On his death bed, the king has decreed that his underage heir shall be placed under the care of Hrothgar’s kinsman, Ulfric, until the youth is of age. Suspecting that the king is falling into madness or senility, his wife conspires with the child's bodyguard, Balgus, to send the king's heir north towards the Witching Wood. He must assemble a band of trustworthy companions and plan the escape before the king passes away and Ulfric is free to make the child a prisoner in his own house.


To learn more about the local culture, visit the page about the Asmundi. To learn about the local geography and history, visit the page on Asmundia, or go straight to the local map. (Note that none of this is necessary to play, but may give you good background information.)

To view examples of playable characters, see below--each includes a character sheet and is available to use. For instructions on creating your open character, see Character creation.


Playable characters

Aldwulf, an apprentice to the court mage. 

Allred and Anders, brothers and lowly garrison soldiers.

Bedwig, a young housecarl and runemaker.

Dresden, a spy and all-around sneak in the service of the king.

Felix, a newly-inducted bard in the king's household. 

Hazel, a young healer-witch, one of the bestb young healers in the jarldom.

Kenward, a woodsman and scout in the king's service. 


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