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Different sects - Sun (Rae), Moon (Ien), the Frozen Star (Jul)

Northern Solstice and Southern Solstice (Elite) - Highly trained defenders of the “brightest” (capital), and the “darkest” (cryovolcano where frost-steel originates)


New Moon (Levy) and Full Moon (traiend) - Fresh recruits and conscripts acting as general police of settlements before joining another regiment, and the permanent wardens respectively


Vernal Equinox and Fall Equinox (Trained) - Watchtowers visible from the centre of each region, upon mountains and beside valleys


Waxing and Waning Crescent (Semi-Professional) - Rescuers, liberators, saviours, magick and combat focused respectively


Zenith and Nadir (Semi-Professional) - Bodyguards for convoys and caravans across the mountains and valleys respectively


Retrograde (Untrained) - Non-Glacial Knights, mishmash of other non-conventional soldiers, those that use more than just “the Light”


Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Stellar Eclipse Pyreteams (Elite - all “By X”, e.g. “By Ien” for Lunar) - Special ops strike forces, reconnaissance, and expeditionary forces, made different by their chosen sect in how they approach situations


Transforming gunblades (sword drops down to stabilise rifle-type maybe?) Maybe Brigitte flail/mace-type weapon too, shield that absorbs kinetic energy and blasts it back, other renaissance/industrial-era type tech Bardiche? Glaive? Sun-soaked shards as ammo? Other types?


General (Whole Army) Colonel (Solstice) Major (Regiment) Captain (Battalion) Lieutenant (Battalion) Sergeant (Battalion) Corporal (Battalion)

All characters that are members of this organisation.

Name Role
Sondus Vajdorn

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