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A peculiar habitat unlike any other within Viatoris, Voss is an enigma found curiously orbiting nothing at the very centre of the cosmos. Initially it appears there would, and could be nothing but chaos strewn across the untold distance of the stars, but in reality, a strange fragmented land drifts where no life should otherwise dare make its stay.

There is a singular inhabitant of Voss, that being the Peacock. How long the Peacock has roamed here is unknown, let alone how long the extraordinary ringworld has, but maybe both of their existences are harmonious and one with the universe. Seemingly made up of shattered vestiges from elsewhere, everything feels as if it simply "belongs", despite each mismatched piece being completely different in both structure and form.

Perhaps this unique celestial body contains remnants of aeons gone by, and possibly even portents of ages to come? As with so many locales, this is a truly special one, one that remarkably remains untouched and at peace inside of what is considered to be the eye of the storm.

These island glimmers extend out as far as the eye can see, and with each rotation new relics may be seen between those that were there before. The esoteric belt never feels crowded however, and it never looks as if any of the temporal slivers need to shift or move to make space.

Without a doubt existence lays warped here, and whether it has been shaped by the Peacock, or by Voss itself is a mystery, but the Timeways do not have the appearance of resting in nefarious hands.

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