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Final frame before recordings were corrupt.
Note the colour. Cameras are monochrome.

On Sunday, December 8th, 2013 there was a Breach Event that happened within the Contemporary Offices in Ottawa. 

During testing of Unknown there was a breakthrough coupled with a major setback.

At 14:00 a human hand appeared through the portal. In the following hours it led to a full-scale armed engagement with multiple sapient shifted beings from an alternate world that led to many casualties of both security and regular personnel, extensive property damage, and even public exposure.

The events and poor handling of the situation led to an inquest including a hearing on the potential culpability of Director Weston. It was under his direct order that the device be tested that day, calling in many staff for unscheduled overtime during weekend hours leading to not only the incident but unnecessary fatalities.

It's believed these events were instrumental in leading to Director Weston's death, Orla Tivest's eventual appointment to his position, and the restructuring of the DNM. It also led to increased interest and funding of Project Oz. 

Due to issues with the recording equipment these events were pieced together through various other means such as eye-witness interviews, communication logs, and other means. These may not be entirely accurate but without any video footage its all we have.


Before the events multiple things led to the tragedy that struck. Some can be dated, some can't. We don't know for how long it had been going on but safety management reports had been forged and falsified for at least the last inspection before this happened. There was a malfunction in the door control systems which did not isolate the breach. Both exits to the building were freely usable by the shifted beings, and internal 'fire-stops' never properly activated allowing them to be put into place. Further issues were caused by - of all things - a Windows update rollout that somehow went unnoticed.

In addition pressures were mounting as the audit of the DNM was rapidly approaching. Employees were overworked and tired leading to laxed measures and minor mistakes that created a cascade of issues. During the inspection of the Oz Gate nobody noticed the malfunctioning cables or, if they did, elected to ignore them.


[15:21]: Director Weston sends an office-wide communication telling certain teams including Project Oz to work over the weekend. Investigations into his personal correspondence revealed it was to have a breakthrough to look good for upcoming audit from the IAS (Internal Audit Sector) as federally mandated. 


[22:38]: Video log revealed cleaning staff, REDACTED NAME, tripped over a wire in the Project Oz facility. He checked the cable and pushed it in to ensure it was attached properly. No report was filed.


[09:00]: Researchers enter the Project Oz facility.

[09:10]: Inspection of equipment commences.

[10:12]: Inspection finishes. Systems given the green light.

[10:18]: Oz Gate powered up for testing cycles.

[12:00]: Oz Gate powered down after 8 tests.

Logs indicate that these tests came back with a total of 326 errors. A driver error with the new system OS meant that none of these messages were properly delivered to the monitoring equipment. The system was designed to function treating no negative results as a positive report.

[13:00]: Oz Gate powered up for additional testing cycle.  

Logs indicate 93 errors came from this single test.

[13:25]: Permission given from Director to proceed with live test.

[13:30]: Oz Gate activated for cross-dimensional contact. Parameters: 29061954; 11111954; 20101955 

[13:59]: Oz Gate successfully opens. Recording servers are overloaded and shut down. Live feeds continue to work, but no footage is saved beyond this point.

[14:00]: A human hand appears from the Oz Gate before quickly retracting

[14:01]: Security is called. Weston informed.

[14:06]: Security arrives and stand guard in Gate Chamber

[14:12]: Weston arrives and is briefed of the situation

[14:20]: Subject Tivest, Orla arrives, escorted by two guards, bringing with her Swallowing Shadow (UK-01-UE) at Director Weston's request.

[14:21]: Weston does not allow the team to disable the portal.


[14:23]: A human man (IBE-7-C1) steps out of the gate. He attempts communication but neither party can understand each other.

[14:25]: Director Weston orders security to open fire. At least 8 shots are fired, and at least 4 were reported to have hit. C1 flees into the gate.

[14:30]: Another man (IBE-7-C2) emerges from the gate. Director Weston gives the order "Kill anything that comes through". C2 charges security and kills two personnel: Guard One, Guard two and gravely injures Guard three. C2 is killed by security forces.  

[14:32]: Director Weston puts the facilities in Warning state 4 and the building is set to high alert. Five more shifted beings, including C1, emerge from the gate and attack remaining security in the room. They demonstrate superhuman physical prowess as well as extranormal abilities.

[14:33]: Remaining security forces Guard four, Guard five, and Guard six are killed while Guard three succumbs to her injuries. The beings perform some form of extranormal ritual and bring C2 back to life.

[14:34]: Personnel Scientist One hits emergency shutdown switch on the gate, which malfunctions. He tries again and Director Weston pushes him and has him restrained by security. 

[14:35]: Nearly thirty shifted creatures emerge rom the gate. Eight immediately translocate to another part of the facility and begin attacking employees.

[14:36]: Director Weston puts facility into Danger 5 status. The building is put in lockdown.

A malfunction in the systems including software incompatibilities and hardware errors lead to the building being improperly locked down. Only a minor number of areas are isolated, allowing the breaching creatures to roam free.

[14:40]: Strike force is mobilized and dispatched to Floor 32 Section A to stop the Eight who began a rampage. The rest move to intercept the remaining twenty beings who have begun to move rapidly down the halls.

What followed were skirmishes and wanton destruction. The breaching creatures rampaged throughout the offices while security personnel attempted to neutralize and stop them. Security used all tools available but were met with fierce resistance. Wholly unprepared for the kind of opposition the breached creatures put up, unfortunately much of our personnel were either gravely wounded or killed. The few casualties suffered by the creatures were quickly undone using their 'magic'.

[14:42]: C1 managed to find their way out of the DNM and walk down Rideau street in the direction of Colonel By drive. Civilian witnesses called local law enforcement.

[14:48]: Four more breach creatures found their way out of the DNM. Witness reported one (C3) was flying and after reaching a height of approximately 30 meters flew in the direction of the National Gallery. 

[14:50]: The statue in front of the National Gallery, "Maman", is animated by C3 and begins to attack cars nearby.

[14:53]: Director Weston orders the activation of the Unknown targeting all of the downtown region.

[14:55]: Subject Tivest is ordered to activate.

[15:00]: UK-01-UE engages the Eight.

[15:05]: UK-01-UE pacifies the Eight

[15:07]: UK-01-UE expands its territory and the DNM is wreathed in darkness.

[15:36]: UK-01-UE shrinks its territory. Remaining creatures from the breach are either missing or found alive but in a state of brain death.

File Transcript: Tivest_IBE7.wma

Interviewee: Tivest, Orla

Interviewer: McCoy, Andrey

Date: 2013/12/12


AM: Can I get you anything? Coffee?

OT: No, thank you. I don't get the appeal.

AM: Not a big coffee drinker?

OT: Have you read my file?

AM: No coffee on... (paper shuffling) Ayn-day-tear?

OT: Unknown. It's pronounced exactly how it's spelled.

AM: Look, I know you don't want to be here. I get it. Let's just get down to brass tacks so you can go back to...

OT: A cell.

AM: What's that?

OT: So I can go back to a cell.

(there's a pause here)

OT: Fuck it. Get me that coffee.

(recording stops and restarts)

AM: So, ms. Tivest, on the afternoon of the 8th there was a breach event. You were a direct witness and we wanted to get your account on what happened.

OT: What's the angle?

AM: What do you mean?

OT: What are you trying to find out, specifically? What the cause was, if it was handled well, if the people came from my homeworld? As you said let's get down to the brass tacks. Whatever that means.

AM: We're just trying to get a better picture of the event.

OT: How can I help? Are you somehow going to use a camera on my memories? 

AM: Eh? No that- oh. No. It's an expression. We're just trying to understand, overall, what happened.

OT: Oh.

AM: Can you explain what happened from your point of view? As specifically and vividly as you can.

OT: Well I was sitting in my cell blinded by a massive spotlight. Hey, much like right now. What a coincidence.

AM: I'm sorry, protocol-

(Loud sipping noises cut him off and render him inaudible)

OT: This coffee is shit, by the way.

AM: It's an acquired taste.

OT: No, I mean by already awful coffee standards this one is worse. This and the lights, are you trying to torture information out of me?

AM: Please, ms. Tivest...

OT: I was sitting in my cell. Then suddenly some guards show up and pull me out. They prod me with those dumb weapons they carry and tell me I'm requested somewhere. So I follow them down halls and into the elevator until I'm standing in an observation room looking through glass and monitors at a big portal. I recognized it immediately. Seen a few back on Andatir.

AM: Being requested somewhere - is that usual?

OT: You have my files right there. You tell me.

AM: Please just answer the questions for posterity.

OT: (sighs) Yes and no. I'm brought out to be hooked up to machines and, and examined. Uh, to go to the gym, to get food. Even brought to a desk to sit at a computer and copy things from one table to another. It's all rigidly scheduled because I'm considered a subject. This was outside the schedule and so it was... weird... (pause) hey, why am I craving cigarettes? I don't smoke.

AM: It's a side-effect of the interview room. Happens to some people. It will fade when you leave.

OT: And you still interview people in here? It's basically forcing withdrawal symptoms. Is that even ethical?

AM: You aren't considered a citizen of this universe let alone Canada.


OT: Just because there's a light trained on me doesn't mean I can't- (scream)

AM: Sorry about that. You make some security personnel nervous.

OT: (inaudible) and fuck this collar.

AM: Best if you don't repeat that. You said you were brought to an observation room.

(long pause)

OT: (sighs) It was a portal. The director was there and I was kept apart with guys with flashlights trained on me. Everyone else in the room was running around frantic. The portal was running and they had this huge emergency shutoff switch that even I could spot immediately, so I didn't understand why they were so scared. Then one of them goes up to the Director and says "I really think we should turn it off", but the Director barely lets him finish. Tells him to keep it running. So I look at the monitors again to try and see what the big deal is and security guys are moving forward. Not like the ones that escort me around. They're wearing all black, big guns, and, and... I don't know, just they looked bulky.

AM: The director stated plainly they should keep the portal running?

OT: I, I guess not. He said it in, uh, I call it politic-speech basically. It's when you say it with implication. He said.... He said something like "It's in your best interest to not shut it off" or something, I don't remember the specifics because its always said vaguely. So you can cover your ass and claim you never said it but the meaning is very clear to anyone listening. 

AM: So he just implied it should be left running?

OT: He said it outright under the guise of implication.

AM: I see. Security were in the portal room what happened then?

OT: Then a man stepped out slowly. He was wearing leather armour, had a sword. Adventuring type. Waved and said something to the security standing there.

AM: Did he look like he came fr-

OT: I couldn't tell. I thought he might have. Come from Andatir, I mean. It tracked. Later things made me doubt the portal connected there. The elves - if they were elves I mean, I don't know - the elves had ears that were too long. The Orcs were too big and beastly looking. Little things. I've read your 'fantasy' stuff, I know there are a lot of takes on the same kind of thing. I didn't really expect it to be the same across universes. I was hoping...


AM: What were you hoping for?

OT: That Andatir was unique. The source. That somehow someone was shifted from there or peaked in and then made these stories based on what they saw. Because if that's not the case... (pause) is Andatir even real? Maybe I came from a fictional world to here.

AM: Your file says (pages flipping) you have therapy twice a week. Have you brought this up to your therapist?

OT: Day one they told me everything I said to them was confidential. I like to pretend at least he tells me the truth, here. So I have no obligation to answer that.

AM: You're right. Sorry.

OT: (inaudible)'s okay. I read into it a lot. Running theory is there are infinite universes so everything is possible. If someone wrote fiction it just happens to line up because everything has to have been, or will be, eventually.

AM: Do you need a moment?

OT: No... (pause) No. So, so kept the thing running. The director asked someone to turn on audio so we could hear. The adventurer spoke in a language I didn't recognize. The security people kept yelling things like "get down" and "drop your weapon". They seemed to be getting frustrated with each other. The adventurer walked forward, hands up by his sides like he was shrugging. Like... (pause) Security yelled at him to stop. One spoke over the radio asking for orders. Just the one word. "Orders?" Like that. (pause) I remember it so clearly.


AM: What was the answer?

OT: The director walked up to the console and said "Shoot to kill." So they did. I, I didn't really see it happen. Monitors flashed white a few times. But the adventurer wasn't dead. He turned and ran back to the portal while the monitors kept flashing. The director asked "What the hell happened?" over the radio. Orders guy said back that they hit him... "center-mass" a few times, and that he should be dropped. I guess that means dead? So I said "Adventurers are a breed of their own."

AM: From your files you're incredibly physically capable and you've stated you're not an outlier.

OT: No. I was a desk jockey, as you call them. I was probably no stronger, faster, or smarter than your average person. 

AM: Yet your physical scores... (paper flipping sounds) are remarkable for your body mass.

OT: Here, sure. Now imagine the difference between you and, and your best athletes. That's like me and the average adventurer. The ones who survive long enough to be the best... well...

AM: So what did they say to that?

OT: Well the director said "Well I bet they never had to deal with guns." I said "They may have. Some have fought dragons." he just glared at me. 


AM: Carry on. Just keep going, I'll interrupt if I have any questions.

OT: How much do you want to hear?

AM: All the way until the end.

OT: Okay. (pause) So we stand and wait in that room for a while. The director begins pacing and the scientists advise once again it might be best to shut the portal off. Director makes another implication. "wouldn't look good on your review, would it?" or something. Not a statement. Another weaselly politic-talk. Politalk? (pause) No? Tough customer. As we wait I eventually decide to ask "Why am I here?" and he looks at me like he forgot I was there. "Just in case", he tells me. Word for word. "Just in case." Like I was a war dog he kept on a tight leash. Who is going to be listening to this? Is it confidential?

AM: It's for the I-A-S. (pause) Right, sorry. Internal Audit Sector.

OT: That doesn't... Look, I'm asking because I'm about to be very upfront here and I don't want it to reflect on my treatment in the future while I'm basically a prison here.

AM: You can speak plainly. Just tell me if you are going to say something you don't want heard by the guards and I can mute the mic. However they can still see everything that happens, so don't try anything.

OT: Yeah, yeah. Mute it for a second.

(Loud click.)

AM: Done.

OT: The first thought on my mind was that if he tried to let me loose on a bunch of people from my world, or even a world like it, I would just ignore the problem and slip through that portal to go home. I fully intended to. He's... well... a piece of shit and I hope he dies, frankly.

AM: I get why you wanted that stricken. Can I turn the mic back on?

OT: Yeah.

(Loud click)

OT: So I'm thinking... that, what I just said, when something else comes from the portal. It's a guy just made of muscle, hardly wearing a thing, axe in each hand. A barbarian, or berserker, whatever you want to call them. Orders guy doesn't even say it this time. Just "Sir?" and the director says "Kill anything that comes through." Flashes on the monitor make it hard to see so I watch through the window. Barely better and they're far away. Moment I step forward one of my lovely guards hit me with a flashlight to make sure I can't touch a shadow making it impossible to see out. The director yells at him, I step back. In that time when I glanced to the monitors I see carnage. The barbarian is dead but so are at least three security members, all bleeding on the ground.

AM: The director ordered them to kill anything that came through? You're sure?

OT: Word for word. There's no way you're only interviewing me. Ask anyone and they could tell you. What do I have to gain from lying?

AM: I'll mark it down.

OT: Radio is going wild now. It's not Orders anymore, but another voice. They're panicking. The scientists aren't feeling much better but the director stands there stone cold. He flicks something on the console and leans in and says "Full security to Sub-level 42B, Project Oz. Warning 4. Potential Breach event." Not seconds later alarms are blaring and red lights come on. He switched back and the radio guy is yelling up at us. I look at the monitor and I see then that more people are coming through. Not one at a time. A full group. Full-on adventuring party and their plus ones.

AM: You say adventuring party, could you elaborate?

OT: Have you seen, uh, Lord of the Rings?

AM: I don't see how that's-

OT:  I watched it when they let me have a TV. Basically all the fantasy I could get my hands on. The fellowship is an adventuring party. Legolas, Aragorn, Gimli, Gandalf. The four pillars. A force to be reckoned with, they work together and tear shit down armies have a hard time with. They unite people or divide them, they shape the world around them. It's what they do. (deep sigh) They're the ones that either fate calls or they make their own. Now imagine out walk Aragorn, Legolas, and Gandalf. They find Gimli dead at your feet.


AM:  So what did they do?

OT: They tore shit down. Arrows rain in and lightning arcs from an elf and a lanky woman at the back while sword guy from before runs in - uninjured by the way - beside someone in plate armour that looks like a thousand pounds. There were five of them, I think. Three security guys were left. Not for long. Complete party wipe. In a matter of seconds. A scientist shoves the director and hits the big red emergency shutdown button. The director turns and yells at him but nothing happened. Scientist hits it again. Director shoves him and yells at security guy on me to hold him.

AM: The director tried to stop the shutdown?

OT: Absolutely. I have no doubt of that. He probably felt lucky that it didn't work. What a mess.

AM: You're certain that the button was fully pressed, and the director didn't stop it.

OT: Completely sure. If he hit it any harder he might have smashed the console. The button just didn't work. While everyone was distracted fighting I got to watch everything else unfold. I was tempted, very, very tempted to... You know, what I said earlier. (inaudible) Instead I watched as more people came through. All sorts of races and creatures. They didn't just pull a couple of wayward adventurers, they must have let in an entire guild. 

AM: If you had to guess how many people came through?

OT: Between twenty to thirty. Heavy hitters. Definitely some magic users in there. I found out I was right almost immediately. A few of them vanished in a flash, others began to work their way through security protocols. The first few that came in... Well the one in armour kneeled over their dead companion and brought him back to life in a wash of warm light while the others rifled through the pockets of the dead security. That's when security guy's radio started going wild - the one who was sent there to cover me. Main lights shut off leaving only the red and everything went wild. The director ran to the radio and said "Danger 5. Breach event inside the DNM". Shutters went down in front of the glass and I watched the monitors into an empty room. We were in lockdown, I found out.

AM: You were in lockdown for the full four hours?

OT: No. (pause) I got to sit there while I listened to casualty reports and security movement for a while. The monitors were overriden to give the director views of what was going on, as security fought adventuring parties in cubicles and cafeteria. Office workers being skewered and their pockets searched. Reports weren't great. Sounded like we were losing. Then the really fun one came in where apparently a few got out of the offices. Then he looked at me. He was sweaty, like dripping. He wiped his forehead and said "Subject", like I don't have a name. "Subject." (pause) He said "Subject, do you think you can stop them?"


AM: You said yes?

OT: I'm not suicidal. I told him no. But the guy... the shadow disagreed. So did the director, apparently. He told me I had no choice. This stupid shock collar. I stopped him before he hit the button and he nodded and said... It sends shivers down my spine. Can you turn the mic off?

(Loud click)

OT: He... he said "good girl". Exactly that. "Good girl". Honestly I hate even thinking about it. Makes me feel sick, violated. "Good girl". With a smirk.

AM: I'm sorry. 

OT: It's fine. (inaudible) used to it. Do the thing.

(Loud click)

AM: What did you do when he... Pardon, but as you said "let you off your leash".

OT: Cleaned up. Is it okay if I don't get into details? It's unpleasant.

AM: That's fine. I think we got the most important details. What happened after your clean up?

OT: He said it again. Then had me thrown back into my cell. Said... ugh... Can you turn it off again, please?

(Loud click)

OT: Said... said...


AM: It's okay. Take your time.

OT: You're from internal whatever, right? Are you investigating him?

AM: I can't disclose that.


OT: Can I... Can I trust you?

AM: Part of my job is to make sure everything here is ethical and above board.

OT: I'm going to go out on a limb and trust you, here, then. Because what they're doing is anything but ethical. Not in the slightest. I'm hoping this is investing the director and everything he did wrong.

AM: Do you think he did things wrong?

OT: Every step of the way. All of it. The blood of everyone in that building, the deaths of everyone, they're all on his hands.

AM: What did he say to you?

OT: He... said... (pause, then sigh). He said "keep it up and eventually you'll be a good little pet".


Destruction of some offices

Offices were messed up, due to the escape into the exterior there were some sightings leading to more widespread attention. The use of the Unknown allowed the DNM to change public perspective and make it seem like it was a mundane situation.

Ottawa Sun newspaper article

Portal credit: Matthew Iaquinta

Newspaper: The Ottawa Sun, 2013/12/09. Image of Maman (spider sculpture) Simon Sulyma

There are at least 3 easter eggs. One on the newspaper front page, and two in the article (though its a bit abstract)

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