1. Organisations

The Druids of Oldwood


Deep within the Oldwood is a druid grove ringed by monolithic stones. The druids of Oldwood are whiteclad men and women who wear laurels and wield oaken staves. They worship the mother goddess Thylea, and believe that the people of Mytros should never have settled in her Heartlands. They perform a daily ritual sacrifice to Thylea, hoping to atone the sins of the mortal races.

The main road for trade between The City of Mytros, The City of Estoria and The City of Aresia passes closely by The Oldwood.

Seventy years ago a deal was made between The Druids of Oldwood sand The Mortal Kingdoms was made - For the druid's side they guard every single caravan group of people, that pass by the forest, and for a section, they walk them in and then safely walk them to the other side.

Druids are smart - if groups of different interests or even hostile are near each other, they simply pass by each other with no harm because of the druid magic, hiding the fact of the existence of each group by warping the forest and canopy around them. This plan meant that the druids are busy - there are three Clans of druids who do these tasks, but not for free. In exchange, druids put an enormous amount of small and big shrines of Thylea along the road, and a big one near the edge of the Oldwood, near location:931421]. And the most important part of the deal - the Oldwood can grow however it pleases. A long time ago settlers used the wood from the forest, wounding it with each year, but now the times have changed - enhanced by magic, Oldwood started growing quite fast.