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The sirens once lived on a great expanse of shoals in the Cerulean Gulf, where they built a city of brilliant white limestone. Its towering spires and pillars thrust out from the rocky waters, allowing the sirens to fly or swim as they pleased. They lived here in joy, singing praises to Sydon, who governed the oceans. Sydon heard this from his throne in Praxys and scowled.

“Were they truly grateful, they would not build their towers to rival mine. Their brethren the Pteros know this and live humbly.”
”When the sirens learned that Sydon was displeased, they were heartbroken. They dismantled their towers and composed new melodies—songs of repentance—which once more carried on the winds to the ears of the Titan. He was unmoved.
“Were they truly repentant, they would not sing so brazenly, but they would go meekly and offer the proper sacrifices in place of songs. Their brethren the Pteros know this and sacrifice to me continuously.”
This time, the sirens were utterly stricken. They had believed that their songs were cherished by the gods. Their voices were stilled, and in the ensuing silence, the brilliance of the city faded into shadow. 

Finally, the skies darkened with the army of the Pteros who assaulted the city under Sydons command. Stone foundations cracked, and pediments grew heavy. The pillars collapsed, and the city of the sirens sank deep into the ocean, swallowed by churning waters. Even its name was forgotten. The Pteros became Sydons chosen. Centuries passed in silence. Eventually, a new song began—an endless lamentation for the city that now sleeps on the ocean floor. When Lutheria learned that the city of the sirens had been destroyed, she laughed. She captured an entire flock of the pitiful creatures and gleefully cursed them, twisting them into something monstrous. These were the first harpies.

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