(Ⅷ) The Queen


"That circle of stars? It's the constellation of the Quees, Mytros, The Goddess of the Dawn.  Some say those stars form a crown, signifying her status as Queen of the The Five Gods.  Others believe the stars represent the walls of a fortress, or the outline of a shield, for Mytros protects us from the ravages of the Titans."

"It was said she first appeared to the original settlers in the hour of need as a pale woman with kind eyes and silver hair.  Soft-spoken, kind hearted, she fought valiantly to protect them during the founding of the great city that proudly bears her name.  She heralded the dawn of civilisation on these shores, and that is why she is the Goddess of the Dawn.

But it has been many centuries since anyone other than her priests have seen her.  Though she is silent, she has not abondoned us.  She watches over us still, and that is what the stars truly signify: not a crown, or a shield, but the eternal vigil of the silent goddess."