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  1. Please don't argue with the DM while at the table. I'm a person too, I make mistakes. If you have grievances, bring them up with me afterwards. I want to hear you out, but holding up the game and possibly creating a scene is no fun for anyone.
  2. No stealing from party members. I don't care if it's what your character would do. If you are kleptomaniac, steal for the party, not from them.
  3. As an extension of the above, don't cause unnecessary strife within the group with stubbornness. I want to encourage RP stuff between characters (conflicting values, squabbling, differences of opinion) but remember you are ultimately a team, if your RP is starting to impact the team's ability to progress, allow for resolution.
  4. Don't argue too much over loot, there's plenty to go around, try to keep it monetarily fair. I will make sure everyone gets something cool eventually.
  5. Group quest objectives > personal quest objectives. Make sure the party is fully on-board if you want to go off on a tangent.

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The Dragonlance Empire is an imperial nation of humans occupying the Dragonlance Peninsula, a large land formation jutting out from the mainland of Endaris and into the Endaris Basin. The Dragonlance family founded the Empire about 400 years ago, uniting the interests of humanity and ultimately bringing an end to the long war of elves, dwarves and humans that had consumed Endaris for many years.


The country is predominately divided into duchies and marches, each overseen by a particular noble family and often subdivided among that family's vassals. All nobles are beholden to the Emperor by their oaths of fealty taken when they gain control of their family holdings. The Emperor heads a small council of close associates and important figures of the empire to manage day to day duties. A larger council of all major noble families and various other interests in the empire convenes thrice a month to discuss the state of the realm in a broader spectrum. The capital city of Caprica is under the direct control of the royal family, its governance oft seen to by the Imperator, brother and right-hand of the emperor.

Culture, Magic and Might

The Dragonlance Empire is a driving force of industry in Endaris and a critical ally of all it surrounding partners. It is also the most diverse in terms of culture due to the vast numbers of immigrants from other areas and various trade routes connecting through its borders.

Magic is approached realistically and almost scientifically in the empire. It is used as a source of innovation and magic items of low-power and general use are commonplace. The empire boasts a University of magic in the duchy of Mistvale that is renowned throughout the realms.

Their military is decently sized and trained, known for their lancer regiments and the terrifying dragoon units mounted upon the black Wyverns native to the Blackwing Mountains at the country's northern border.

I would like to give a special thank you to all of the artists whose renderings I have used for various characters and landscapes in this campaign. Many of the images were great sources for inspiration and help all my players get a better feel for the world I am trying to create.

Alex Negrea - https://alexnegrea.artstation.com/

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Athah Designs

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