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A common symbol in Deshenite iconography is the Star of Deshen, a stylistic representation of the star that Deshen pulled from the sky to create his Crown


A symbol commonly used by King Abuleth was this stylized flower emblem, a nod to his love for flowers and his Queen Elania, the Spirit of Flowers


A symbol commonly used by King Canoron was this reddened version of the Star of Deshen, representing his loyalty to the Crimson King

Land of Mankind

Damaneh Insan

ዻማነህ ዒንሳን

Gumrich orgilde-dugush

𒄣𒋆 𒅕𒄃𒁲𒄭𒍗

1 - 3890
Official NameLand of Mankind


GovernmentDivine absolute monarchy

King of Mankind


Celestial (official)

Mannic (official)

All non-evil languages were commonly spoken


Worship of the Pantheon

  • Worship of Deshen

Worship of the Crimson King (during reign of Canoron)

The Deshenite Kingdom, also called the Old Kingdom, the First Kingdom, the Star Kingdom, the Kingdom of Mankind, or the Kingdom of Man, refers to the kingdom ruled by Deshen during the First Age. The Deshenite Kingdom was incredibly advanced, building vast cities through magic. During this period, the Beldkind were immortal and the Gods regularly walked among the people of Lumenar. The kingdom was destroyed during the Second Age in the ruin brought by Apollyon and his followers, collapsing following the death of Deshen and scattering of his Council. The would-be king, Methusulon, refused to take the crown, opting to retire to exile. Following Methusulon's refusal, the second son of Deshen, Abuleth, took the crown. He ruled an unstable and much diminished kingdom for the remainder of the war, until he was killed by his brother, Canoron, shortly after the war's conclusion. Canoron ruled briefly, turning the Kingdom (at this point reduced to just the Capital) into a land of dark worship and black magic as he turned to the Crimson King. He was killed by an angel of Beld as the Capital burned. The Kingdom's borders were set by Beld himself, though in the years before the War of the Gods, Deshen began expanding his people beyond these borders, leading to friction with the Gods.

As it was the only nation in the world at its inception, the Deshenite Kingdom did not use grandiose titles, and its name used in official transcriptions is simply “Land/Domain of Mankind/Beldkind

Kings of the Deshenite Kingdom

NumberImageNameLength of Reign


Deshen "Star King"

1 - 3400 (3400 years)


Abuleth "Flower King"

3400 - 3880 (480 years)


Canoron "Traitor King"

3880 - 3890 (10 years)

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