Dashboard Kelidas

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The whole of Kelidas houses many deities who are worshiped across the lands.

Deity Title Domains Followers
Anim Savior of Kelidas Knowledge, Dragon, Nature Church of Anim
Amaunator The Keeper of the Eternal Sun  Life, Light Temple of Amaunator
Asmodeus The Tyrant Trickery Old Hoof and Horn
Auril The Frostmaiden Nature, Tempest The Dawn of Ice
Beshaba The Maid of Misfortune Trickery Maids of Misfortune
Chauntea The Grain Goddess Life Sowers
Corellon Larethian Preserver of Life Arcana, Life, Light, War Sun of the Elves
Cyric The Prince of Lies Trickery The Liars
Deneir The First Scribe Knowledge Sacred Scribes
Eldath Mother of the Waters Life, Nature Shoal and Grove Guardians
Gruumsh The One-Eyed War Warriors of Gruumsh
Gwaeron The Mouth of Mielikki Trickery, Nature The Trackers
Istus The Lady of Our Fate Knowledge, Arcane, Life Weavers of Fate
Lathander Inspiration’s Dawn Life, Light Dawnbringers
Liera The Lady of the Mists Trickery Mistborn
Lliira Our Lady of Joy Life Joyous Court
Malar The Beastlord Nature Beast Lords
Mielikki Our Lady of the Forest Nature Children of Mielikki
Mystra Our Lady of Spells Arcana, Knowledge Loreweavers
Oghma The Binder Knowledge Seekers
Raven Queen Matron of Death Life, Death, Grave Raven's Flight
Red Knight The Lady of Strategy War The Red Knights
Savras The All-Seeing Knowledge The Oracular
Sehanine Moonbow the Lunar Lady Grave, Knowledge, Light, Darkness Followers of Sehanine Moonbow
Talona Lady of Poison Trickery, Death Whisperers of Talona
Umberlee The Bitch Queen Tempest Keepers of the Waves
Waukeen Our Lady of Gold Knowledge, Tempest Waukeen's Lucky

Non-Deity based Religions

The peoples of Fey'Xado worship the Unfallen Emperor, and their idol on earth the Emperor.

Many people across the lands worship the spirits of their ancestors. Ancestor Worship is very common especially among the tribal people of Hillvale.


Healing potions can be taken as a bonus action. They still need a whole action if being administered to another person.