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Elves are tall, graceful creatures that tend to appreciate nature, magic, and the finer things in life. They are often seen as, and usually believe themselves to be, the race preferred by the gods. They are long lived, but tend to be a bit full of themselves.

Many elves elect to remain in their mystical, magic cities, usually placed in various regions of power. These are often forests, but occasionally they will create fantastic cities under oceans, on top of mountains, and even floating in the sky. Elves will venture out in search of knowledge, or in other cases because of exile. Elven societies are very demanding and judgemental, so finding a disgraced elf drinking himself under the table in a human pub is not the most uncommon sight.

Elven cultures generally tend to value craftsmanship, artistry, nature, and eloquence above other things. An elf might doom a somone by refusing to rescue them because they shouted when they asked for help.

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