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The Bronze Aegis is the official guard of the Kalhastian Empire, answering directly to the current monarch. They are pervasive throughout the nation as a peacekeeping force, both patrolling the roads between settlements and taking up station in towns and cities with suitable populations. The Bronze Aegis are known to lead great campaigns against internal enemies of the empire, wiping out crypts of undead and cleaning out raider groups. Their influence can also be seen internationally, as they are sent abroad to defend allies and route enemies.


The Bronze Aegis has a relatively simple hierarchical structure ranging at the bottom from soldier all the way to the top with the generals. However, due to the various specializations of the Aegis, there are a number of more specified ranks within ranks to account for particular positions; soldiers placed in a town might have the title of Peacekeeper, patrolling ranks are Rangers, international ranks are Torchbearers, and so on. There is no assured way to progress in rank; rather, you must become noticed by a superior who can increase your station up to the position below them. Additionally, there are special titles that might be granted to you by nobility or royalty, or other monikers that specify your significance to the Aegis. A non-exhaustive list is detailed below.

Military Ranks

  • Guard/Soldier
    • Lowest and most numerous rank.
  • Commander
    • Commands squadrons of soldiers; anywhere there is a group of soldiers, there should be at least one commander.
  • Captain
    • Most moderately populated settlements will have enough soldiers to warrant having a captain; the captain organizes all forces beneath them, directing the commanders in combat. Usually they will receive direction from a presiding marshal or general. Captains will usually have a lieutenant captain.
  • Marshal
    • Marshals are a special field rank that specifically organize the cooperation of forces commanded by individual captains. The majority of the marshal's duty is in communication, logistics, and strategy, and they will usually not see a battlefield.
  • Generals
    • The highest station in the Aegis, generals commands all the ranks beneath them, and must be chosen by the crown. Generals are generally selected based on their force of personality, and are a rallying figure for those under their command. They will enter significant battles themselves.

Positional Ranks

  • Peacekeeper
    • Rank for those that watch over civilian settlements, and basically act as police.
  • Ranger
    • Traveling defenders that patrol roads and route dangers to travelers. This position offers the most freedom to its members.
  • Shieldbearers
    • A highly regimented position focused on domestic security. Shieldbearers will arrive to face significant threats, coming in waves to wipe out hordes of undead or raiding parties. Shieldbearers are also meant to keep the kingdom safe from foreign invasion.
  • Torchbearers
    • Bronze Aegis that have international positions as protectors for political allies, among other things. Originally, the Torchbearers were an invasion force.

Special Titles

  • Knight
    • Soldiers that have been given honor by the crown. Knights are awarded high praise, property, and notoriety.
  • Aegis
    • Defenders of specific people or families, usually nobility. The crown itself has its own Aegis force.
  • Smith
    • Crafters for the military.
  • Mage
    • A rare rank for those capable of using magic.
  • Lieutenant
    • A rank that lies directly below another, like a lieutenant officer or a lieutenant general.


While the Bronze Aegis are intended to be signs of faith from the crown, many in rural settlements view them as the lapdogs of the monarchy, only showing their faces after the worst has already come to past, as many smaller towns do not enjoy their protection. Others view the services of the Bronze Aegis as obligatory, and use them as a scapegoat for others problems under the excuse of the guard not performing their duties "satisfactorily". Regardless, in more populated regions, the Bronze Aegis are hailed as great heroes and peacekeepers.

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