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Hymathel is a large elven city in the province of Hymnethas. The city is the locus of power in the area, and is mostly run by noble high elves, though the population is overwhelmingly made of lowborns and half-elves, as well as humans.

Seamus McHammerface has been in Hymathel a few times, as it is close to his birthplace, and is a nexus in the district.


Hymathel is presided over by the acting Greenspeaker of the Hymnethas district as part of the Khymal Set ruling body. Being the seat of power in the district, most of the gubernatorial issues are addressed within the city. The current Greenspeaker is Yutier Venas'vel.

The city itself has a mayor, but the duties of the mayor are largely logistical and the position has little input on legislation and rule is the city, which is mostly decided by the Greenspeaker and those that have their ear.

Hymathel acts as an important trade hub that connects eastern and western Sanaris as it sits just past the separation created by Mount Sanar. Additionally, it supplies the smaller farming communities to the north with much-needed resources while handling the distribution of their crops. Due to its importance in crop trade across the country, especially that of bullwheat, Hymathel is often referred to as the City of Grains.

The Six Serpents

Hymathel is known for its six towering spires that are built into the walls of the city, each of which is occupied by a powerful wizard that aids in the city's defense. Some residents refer to these as the "six sky dicks", and there is a fair amount of antagonism from the citizenry towards these wizards as during times of peace, they live in opulence and provide little to the people while receiving funding through taxation.

The current sitting wizards are:

  • Beylna Hastaren of the West Tower
    • Beylna is a respected practitioner of warding and sealing magics.
  • Pheseleyn Jylan of the Northwest Tower
    • Pheseleyn is an elderly elf that specializes in spatial magic.
  • Mevernil Savelo of the North Tower
    • Mevernil is a rough elf that is skilled in war magic.
  • Weydelar Tallroot of the South Tower
    • Weydelar is originally from Shiloae, and specializes in wood-based magic.
  • Nevalyda Phoslero of the Southeast Tower
    • Nevalyda specializes in water magic, and ensures the city's aquaducts run smoothly.
  • Vyloxen Shurilas of the East Tower
    • Vyloxen specializes in divination and works to discover threats to the city.

Council of Dreamers

Hymathel boasts one of the preeminent headquarters of the Council of Dreamers, housing two Dreamers of the council, Ryla Mulaweyrn and Deowyn Centhos. The Council was placed in Hymathel to preside over the ley line that runs close to the surface under the city. Dreamers hold a significant amount of clout in the city, but often butt heads with the wizards of the Serpents.


Shaped vaguely like a hexagon, the city is divided into a number of districts that each hold differing kinds of folk. These districts are not officially established by the city, but are widely honored by the citizenry.

  • The Fulyne
    • Also sometimes called the Center, it is a mishmash of governmental facilities, living spaces, and shops. The governor’s office is located here.
  • The Pens
    • A rougher area of town located to the northeast. Lots of taverns and entertainment, mostly for the lower class.
  • The Hillwood
    • Northwest section of town, contains multiple mansion structures for the well-to-do.
  • Savnier District
    • Southwest area of the city, somewhat undeveloped. Lots of wooded areas that many spend their time in.
  • Zenfae-Zavass
    • Area of town occupied by the Obsidian Guard. Contains the Hymathel Keep.
  • Nevald District
    • Lower southeast area of town, recently developed. The Nevald District was previously a hilly area where many elves went to relax after a night of drinking and look at the stars.
  • Thielo Ward
    • Residential area located in the inner southeast quadrant of town.


Hymathel was founded for a number of reasons, but was mainly established to protect the ley line that surfaces directly under the city. It quickly distinguished itself as a much needed trade nexus to connect the northern, eastern, and western areas of the coutnry.

In 951 of Iron, the city was rocked by the emergence of a powerful demon in a newly established Fectern temple in the Nevald District. Being held at the temple following the exorcism of a certain individual, the demon somehow managed to corrupt the minds of the priests at the temple and began opening connections to the demonic planes. After corrupting some of the tower mages, much of the populace in the district was subjugated to the demon's whims as the area was twisted into a macabre nightmare. The remaining tower mages, the Dreamer Ryla Mulaweyrn, and a group of adventurers rallied and fought against the demonic incursion, entering the temple and purging the demonic threat. Due to the efforts of an uncorrupted priest, Father Falis, much of the corrupted populace were purified, though the event still had lasting impacts on the landscape and many of the people.

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