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A magic weapon.


A bizarre spear of platinum that features an odd spiral design, terminating in a somewhat blunt end. Strange inscriptions on the sides are written in archaic dwarvish, detailing an epic battle waged across Irdizar, the Ethereal Plane. The back end of the spear contains a detailed carving of an eye.


When the spear is hoisted into a throwing position, the wielder will become capable of limited sight into the Ethereal Plane, and as a result may see into the Material Plane in a 120 foot radius, unimpeded by any structures. As an action, the spear may then be thrown to a location in the wielder’s sight, which will punch a hole through the planes in order to reach its target. The hole will remain for one minute afterwards, and is large enough for a medium-sized creature to step through without difficulty.

The spear need not be thrown through the planes to reach a target, doing so only at the wielder’s discretion. When thrown, it spins with a rapid rotational velocity.

Weapon Statistics.

+1 Spear. Magic. Simple. Range, 20(120)/60(180). Thrown. On hit: 1d6+1 piercing damage.


Leadbelly Fargus received this spear directly from an avatar of Onyr when he was trapped in the depths of the Lake Faelance Fectern Altar, but with a warning not to overuse it, or risk angering some of the entities that wander the other planes. Leadbelly used the spear to save the rest of the Peas from the collapsed temple.

Leadbelly later used the spear to look inside of the Faelance Lakeheart Temple, but in hoisting it in a throwing position, he intimidated one of the temple attendants.

“Blocked? Go around. If you cannot; go through.”
~ Teaching of Onyr

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