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Zerist Azdragast


Zerist Azdragast, also known as the Rain Knight or Bigsy, is a mysterious knight clad in tattered robes and heavy armor that attacked the Peas aboard the Dirty Whale. He is apparently associated with the Darkheart, mostly stemming from his obsession with the Nightseeker.


He is around 5'10". His voice sounds human. He has a long, tattered cloak that appears to be slick with some form of oil, perhaps to keep the rain off. He has a mask that obscures the lower half of his face. He is heavily armored, but moves deftly and is capable of dexterous feats regardless.

Zerist appears to have an impatient personality, as he was quickly irritated when no one could produce the stone he was looking for aboard the Dirty Whale. In the battle against Tarisi, he was much less commanding, and more fearful and unsure.

Skills and Abilities

Zerist appears to be significantly powerful, capable of taking a crusher crab down in a single strike. Despite his heavy armor, he moves with a surprising speed and dexterity.


Multiple sources have claimed that Zerist is the eldest heir of the House of Azdragast, so it is likely that he spent most of his youth in Pallam, and perhaps played a role in the coup of the official royal family.

At some point Zerist met the Nightseeker and became smitten with her.

Zerist was first encountered by the Peas aboard the Dirty Whale, where he dispatched of one of the crusher crabs and searched those on board, stripping down both Wander and Kradva Ospen before the crew of the ship began to fight back. It was likely that he was searching for the Sallow Stone.

Zerist found the party again in the bandit hideout on Sordin Isle, busting into the hideout from a back entrance, followed by his army. As the Peas made their escape alongside Merin and William, his forces clashed with those of Ventrex Caustar, a struggle that eventually escalated into the destruction of Tevari Port Town. After this event, Zerist's forces retreated after taking heavy losses.

Zerist was forced by the Nightseeker to work alongside Ventrex to retrieve the Blood of Batrax from Betaria. Zerist's obsession of the Nightseeker invoked the ire of his army, who abandoned him in order to return to Pallam, where rebellions were mounting against the House of Azdragast. According to Zerist, his efforts in Betaria were successful.

Zerist assisted in the battle against Tarisi, causing some substantial damage to the demigod, but only after his Screamer was rendered ineffective by Tarisi's water magic. Throughout the battle, the knight looked for constant reassurance from people around him, seemingly quite unsure about his ability to fight a demigod. Noticing Wander near the brink of death, he threw the tiefling a strange, dark potion that invigorated him for a short time. As the ritual began to come to a close, Zerist booked it towards the entrance of the temple, disappearing out of sight.

Leadbelly Fargus found the Rain Knight buried in the rubble of the temple after he came to. He went to the knight and began interrogating him about the Nightseeker and Balnar, but Zerist seemed mostly out of the loop about everything. Leadbelly then stabbed his foot, and tied him up, dragging him around from place to place as the Peas escaped the collapsed temple.

The Rain Knight was eventually dragged all the way back to Peralas, tied to Leadbelly's back. At Journey's request, Leadbelly allowed the knight to stretch his arms and legs a bit, as he had been tied up for 3 consecutive days. He seemed mostly clueless to most matters regarding the Darkheart, remaining loyal to the Nightseeker mostly about of love. After Phaelnah contacted the Nightseeker and she regarded his presence, Zerist seemed heartened that she had a worried tone in her voice, despite the fact that she left him in the care of the Peas.

During the Peas' travel from Peralas to Hymathel, the group encountered an overturned wagon in their path, containing strange beasts. Zerist encouraged the party to cut him free so that he could assist with the battle.

In Hymathel, Zerist assisted in handling the Bottle Demon at the promise of Phaelnah putting in a good word with the Nightseeker for him. He accompanied Ryla and Vyloxen, subduing the wood mage Weydelar Tallroot. He also assisted in fighting the Bottle Demon itself, and later kept a watch out in the Peas' room at their inn for threats, choking out a sneaking Vyloxen with a metal chain.

As the Peas prepared to go to Sanar, the Rain Knight had Phaelnah make good on her promise, making her send a set of glowing messages to the Nightseeker. The Nightseeker implored him to find her on his own, and he happily jumped out the window to begin his journey.

Phaelnah later scryed on the Nightseeker and found Zerist with her, walking down a tunnel and talking his head off. He was told to be silent by the Nightseeker, and he subsequently shut up. A scrying attempt on the Twisted Knight revealed Zerist respectfully lining up corpses left at an underground dwarven outpost against a wall.

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