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Journey is a tiefling sorcerer from the small mountain village of Shiesia in the Farlands of Fusalis. She is a focused individual that will do what it takes to reach her goals. Once a runaway and a criminal, Journey evolved into a powerful and knowledgeable sorcerer, and one of the few noted individuals in history to have forged a relationship with the legendary dreaded dragon tyrant Malae. Journey is the world's foremost expert on Dragon Crystal Magic.


Journey stands about the average height for a tiefling; her deep purple hair complements her dark lavender skin, and it falls past her shoulders, when it isn't tied up. Her serious face is topped by the crest of her horns, which extend backwards and point skywards at their tips. Due to her interactions with ley energies, Journey freezes all that she touches.

Skills and Abilities

Journey is a powerful and knowledgeable sorcerer, capable of crafting her own magic as well as unlocking the secrets of draconic power.

Innate Magic

Journey is a sorcerer, meaning her magic is sourced from her own power. This connection to magic is traced back to her ancient ancestor, Ferazir the Savage Frost.

Dragon Crystal Magic

Journey originally became capable of using Dragon Crystal Magic through shared power with the dragon Malae, when her consciousness was contained to a small collection of dragon crystals Journey had amassed. After Malae left her, Journey was later able to unlock the secrets of the magic herself, and became capable of channeling it through her dragon blood to great effect.


Journey was born to Unknown and Kosmarir in the small mountain village of Shiesia. Blessed with magic, her blood was highly prized by the members of the village in their attempts to continue the bloodline of Ferazir. However, she was forbidden from learning magic, subjugated under an archaic patriarchal hierarchy based around the magical acumen of its members.  She was set to be wed to the grand sorcerer Ozvir in order to produce viable magical offspring, but before this came to pass, she fled her home, but not before chipping off a piece of the magical crystal that sat in the village center.

Journey ventured south to the kingdom of Wolkaea, where she began a life of petty crime in order to make ends meet. After a particularly dicey job ended up nearly costing her her life, Journey escaped to the Shrewboro Woods, where she was discovered and nursed back to health by the Unknown. The care and kindness she received from the family began to change Journey's outlook on life, and she began to change her ways for the better, popping in to visit the family between odd jobs.

In Iron 950, on one return visit to the Woods family, she discovered that the eldest son of the family had been killed and one of the daughters crippled by Mardyth the Shade, a ruthless thief and murderer. Journey vowed to hunt down and kill the man, and began to travel across Hazeron while following his trail of devastation. This quest led her to Atavar, where in Iron 951, she boarded the Dirty Whale, where she met the founding members of the Peas.

Journey took on a contract from Kradva Ospen to escort him to the city of Madrioc, prompting her to travel across the Nightspell Moors to do so, all the while tracing the path of Mardyth. In this time, due to the actions of Haradumeir the Defeated, Journey received a few purple crystals originating from Hashastel the Peacekeeper. The Peas finally caught up to Mardyth and the rogue confronted them on the road, taking Kradva hostage. The group managed to rescue Kradva and subdue Mardyth, but as Journey attempted to murder the villain, she discovered that he was effectively immortal, and he was taken away by the Nightseeker. During a Chaos Moon of Elevara, Journey's icey blue crystal from her home and the purple crystals of Hashastel fused together, manifesting a small shard of the conciousness of Malae, who began to teach the sorcerer her special crystal magic. Afterwards, Mardyth struck again, this time murdering Kradva just before the group's arrival to Madrioc.

In Madrioc, Journey participated in the 329th Mad King's Festival, taking 1st place with the Peas in the tournament. She later took on a quest from Razodon Goswin to deliver the Sallow Stone to Deowyn Centhos, an act she predicted would give her continue chances to confront Mardyth. Journey accompanied the Peas throughout Sanaris, participating in the Sealing of Tarisi. Upon her return to the city of Hymathel, she found that her brothers, Karcius and Valx, had ventured to Gessaria to track her down and return her to Shiesia. Journey attempted to evade her brothers, but they tracked her to the city of Sanar, where the brothers attemped to take her by force. After a beat down by the Peas, the brothers yielded, and instead chose to pursue the death of the dragon Zahast instead. Journey learned that her home had been taken over by a dragon-worshiping cult known as the Dracohest, but decided to put that quest aside until her business with the Peas had concluded.

Journey continued to collect dragon crystals throughout her travels, stealing a red one from a dragon shrine in Madrioc and taking another three from a sorcerer working with the Divine Branch. The sorcerer admonished Journey for putting the crystals together and commanded her to not collect any more, but Journey did not heed these warnings very much, as she highly valued her friendship with Malae. Journey would continue to conduct research about dragons during her limited visits to libraries and bookstores, but found little about her dragon companion.

After many encounters, Journey finally managed to see Mardyth finished off, with the help of the Peas and Razodon. Journey made her peace with the pitiful man before his death, stating that her bloodlust had settled.

While the Peas were assisting Selathwin Muleyr with the ley line research, the group was eventually made to visit Journey's home in order to calibrate a device of Selathwin's at a ley line intersection. Journey managed to teleport the party to the Woods family home using her Hag's Finger, where she caught up with the Woods family. After using the services of a witch living in the Shrewboro Woods, the group ended up directly on top of the ley line intersection, which happened to be the village of Shiesia. Journey's draconic ancestor Ferazir had situated himself on top of the ley lines, absorbing their energies as he slept, with the village founded in the caves above him. Here, Journey worked with the Peas to liberate the town from the Dracohest, killing the violent leader Craxen and begrudgingly freeing her father Kosmarir from capture. Journey eventually ventured down into Ferazir's lair, where she was able to invoke her heritage as well as her powers of deception and flattery in order to distract the ancient dragon long enough for Selathwin's device to calibrate. The dragon was later incensed by Journey's crystal focus, which happened to be Malae. The crystal dragon then whisked the party out of harm's way as Ferazir began to rage, shaking the earth and forcing the evacuation of the village.

Journey later fought in the Battle for the Sun, subjecting herself to raw ley energies that gave her great strength, but also marked her with bizarre after effects. Along with the rest of the Peas, she led the charge against the Nightseeker, eventually confronting her at her shadow fortress in the center of the Unknown. Journey strongly disagreed with the Nightseeker's intentions, arguing that it wasn't her place to subject the world to her whims, and incensed by the destruction her ascent to power caused. Journey's powerful magic helped to overwhelm the demiurge, eventually resulting in the Nightseeker's demise.

In Iron 952, Journey assisted in the Great Throne War, fighting alongside Seamus McHammerface and Halarain Ovastios on the side of the resistance. Journey's diplomatic work in the Deadmarch was instrumental in turning the tides of the war, as the nation of undead finally decided to join the battle with her council.

Following the Siege of Sanar, Journey traveled to Shiesia, armed with new magic and ideas of how to help her people. She began plans to turn the village into a moving town with enchanted ice, though had to hold off after being recruited by Tyerjon to help dismantle the Dracohest in western Fusalis. In the circle of many influential individuals, Journey crafted informational campaigns in the Farlands to help dillusion those taken in by the cult, while conducting secret raids on their outposts. Journey eventually returned to Shiesia to complete her plans, and in 962, she finished crafting the first 9 blocks of the Moving City. Journey would later found a college in Shiesia dedicated to the study and conservation of primitive and ancestral magic, as well as the study of dragon crystal magic. While she would lecture here from time to time, she ultimately only worked in the college as a guest, despite having her own office.

Journey's time spent studying dragon crystals eventually led to her recognition as Hazeron's foremost expert on crystal magic, and dragon magic in general. Her council became highly prized by scholars studying the subject, and she gave lectures at notable magic universities from time to time. Largely, Journey remained untethered to any job or place, living up to her name.

Old Tevari Information

She arrived at Advar's Tavern and inquired about staying the night. After drinking with the other, she accepted Kradva's mission to escort him to Madrioc. She then retired to her room upstairs, allowing Eugene Wormtail to sleep on the floor.

Journey went with William to his house to investigate his missing apprentice, and investigated the break in. She found the apprentice's room, which was covered in bows and cartography equipment. She realized that William was not in his right mind. Back in town, Journey bought some rations at a general store.

On the way to Havarson's Keep, she saw some of Kerimtin artwork, and declined to buy any. She then went to his shop, and bought a potion of lesser healing. Running into William again at the keep, she went to go investigate the area around his house. Following tracks that lead through a forest, she came upon a set of bandits waiting at a secluded shore.

Journey was instrumental in dispatching the bandits at the shore. Her first attack almost killed two bandits instantly, pushing them to death's door. However, she was unable to stop them from extinguishing the lantern at the water; she killed them both afterwards, regardless.

Journey spearheaded the interrogation of the bandit Jorden, asking him various questions about the bandit operations; unfortunately she did not manage to get much information out of him. She left him to die at Wander's hands.

After boarding the bandit ship, Journey assisted in releasing Seamus McHammerface from his shackles. During the encounter with the gooey goblins, Journey mostly hung back and attempted to communicate with Wander and Phaelnah below. She convinced Eugene to quit blowing his horn, as it pissed off the ogre. 

Journey was put to sleep with the rest of the party by a mysterious force.

Journey discovered a map on the bandit ship, and attempted to figure out where they were. Upon reaching the clearing, Journey attempted to sneak around the perimeter, but her attempt was foiled by Eugene. In the bandit hideout, she scared the bandits with her thaumaturgy, and killed two of them with her magic missile. She helped formulate a plan to ambush the people of the other side of the large doors. She began to attack Kreegal, prompting a battle.

In the battle against Kreegal, Journey displayed her prowess with ice magic, sending out rays of frost and freezing enemies in their tracks. The froze the bandit before Grognock obliterated it, and froze the totem, turning the goblin clones into icicle-toting beasts. She sent many rays towards Kreegal, knocking him around quite a bit.

After the battle, Journey talked briefly to Merin Lavelle, and began to loot the vicinity, reading some documents she found scattered around the area.

Old Bio

In Gessaria

Journey boarded Dirty Whale in order to find a specific individual named Mardev. She assisted in dealing with the Crusher Crab that attacked the ship, and potentially saved Tevari Port Town.

Tevari Isles

In Advar's Tavern, Journey spearheaded negotiations with Kradva, and took up leading the group when they investigated Merin's disappearance.

Journey's magic helped the group 

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