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Serpent of the Southeast


Nevalyda Phoslero is a young elven wizard that presides over the southeastern tower of the city of Hymathel. Nevalyda specializes in water magic, and ensures the aqueducts of the city run smoothly.

Nevalyda was corrupted by the influence of the Bottle Demon, and began twisting the waters of the city to corrupt more citizens. The Peas confronted Nevalyda, eventually subduing her and tying her up after an arduous battle. Nevalyda was later purified by the rituals of Father Falis, but her hair remained a ghostly white and she was forced to cut off the demonic wings she had grown. Nevalyda later thanked the Peas for saving her, and apologized for the trouble she had caused them. She offered to help the party in whatever way she could, should the situation arise.

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