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Father Falis is an elderly elven priest of Fectovarano. He is noticeably aged, so as an elf, he is likely quite old. He makes his residence at the Fectern Temple of Hymathel where he works the temple shop. He is endlessly devoted to his god.

Father Falis met with Phaelnah Ellarian when the latter was attempting to buy various holy supplies for her rituals. Falis was concerned regarding issues of Phaelnah's faith, as she told him that she worshiped Tarisi. He coerced Phaelnah into offering a prayer to Fecto and "renouncing" her old faith. When the Peas later visited the temple again, Falis attempted to convert the entire group before they awkwardly made their way around him.

After a few other awkward meetings, the Peas eventually found Falis again in the corrupted Fectern temple. The priest had managed to sequester himself in a back room, remaining free of corrupting. The aging priest joined the party in absorbing a building coalescence of ley line energy, which supercharged the old man, giving him a youthful vigor. Falis then worked with the party to purify the people of the Nevald district, on the condition that Phaelnah undergo a religious baptism to proclaim herself a servant of Fectovarano. Wander disguised himself as Phaelnah and did the rituals in her stead, fooling the priest.

Now established as the new head priest in the city, Falis implored the group to seek out another priest in Sanar he knew as "Brother Jyle".

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