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Keeper of the East Serpent


Vyloxen Shurilas is an elven wizard of Hymathel, known as the Keeper of the East Serpent. His official duty is to scout out dangers to the city, but he seems to use his abilities for more selfish aims. He is obsessed with Turica La'suras, and upon seeing Seamus McHammerface in his guise of Murica, he began tracking the half elf.


Vyloxen has dark, neatly parted hair, and a young, stern face. He has large ears and stands tall with excellent poise. He wears extremely fine, dark vestments, accented very tastefully by the green hues of Sanaris.

Vyloxen was snooty and uppity, but his confidence was rattled after his failures and brushes with death. He is now slightly more humble, but is still obsessive. He has shown initiative in wanting to change for the better, and has made some attempts at compassion.

Skills and Abilities

As the Keeper of the East Serpent, it can be assumed that Vyloxen is at least a moderately competent wizard.

Surveillance Magic

Vyloxen specializes in divination magic, particularly those that allow him to spy on the actions of hostile forces and keep an eye out for threats. However, he tends to use these abilities for his own gains. He has been capable of the following feats:

  • Spying from a distance
  • Listening from a distance
  • Sending messages from a distance
  • Somehow leaving a letter on Seamus' bed without a trace


Seamus knew Vyloxen to be a rich noble from his time in Hymnethas. He was a student of magic, but wasn't known to be a very capable one.

At some point after the destruction of Seamus' home, Vyloxen grew to become the Keeper of the East Serpent. Whether he earned this position or it was handed to him due to his status as a noble is up for debate.


The Peas encountered Vyloxen in the markets of the Fulyne while Seamus, drunk as a skunk, was disguised as Murica. Vyloxen recognized the form of Princess Turica La'suras, and immediately tried to introduce himself to her. He invited her to his tower, and remained oblivious to any protests, ignoring those who attempted to step between them. He eventually let Murica go after she gave him a solid maybe.

That night, after drinking at the dwarven bar Vuldentarg, Murica found a letter addressed to Turica up in her room, on her bed. The letter, from Vyloxen, implied that he had been spying on her since their meeting, asking about who her companions were and if she needed protection. The following morning, Vyloxen sent multiple messages to Murica asking if she was safe, needed rescuing, or would like a bath.

When the Peas met with Deowyn Centhos, he noticed an invisible sensor spying on their meeting, and dispelled it. Vyloxen then sent Deowyn a flurry of furious messages, which the Dreamer noted, receiving Vyloxen's letter to Murica as a method to blackmail him into leaving her alone. Murica has not received any letters since.

Vyloxen continued to monitor the party and particularly Murica during their journey to Peralas, becoming worried when his magic could not pierce through the waters of Lake Faelance. He sent Murica a worried message regarding the state of Hymathel due to the Bottle Demon, but she disregarded it.

The party found Vyloxen and the other tower wizards planning out how to retake the Nevald District from the demons. Vyloxen received condemnations from a few sources for not exposing the threat of the demon before it spiraled out of control, and the timid noble had no excuse to offer. To atone for his failures, Vyloxen volunteered to enter the demonized area, despite his cowardly nature.

Vyloxen worked alongside Ryla Mulaweyrn and the Rain Knight to subdue Weydelar Tallroot, providing support with his divination magic. He later joined forces with the Peas to take down the Bottle Demon and Weil Syllis, though most of his attention was focused on keeping himself and Seamus (aka Murica) safe. While the group banded together to absorb the coalesced power of the ley line magic, Vyloxen's cowardly nature got the better of him and he escaped to the back of the temple.

Vyloxen later opened up slightly to Phaelnah, remarking that he had never faced real adversity in his life, and displayed interest in growing as a person. He asked for advice on how to approach courting Murica, but misinterpreted Phaelnah's response to mean that he should constantly watch over her, but never approach her.

Vyloxen later attempted to warn the Peas about a presence following them, but tried to do so by sneaking into their inn room while they were on high alert. After being choked by the Rain Knight, Vyloxen took his leave, warning the party yet again.

Vyloxen contacted the Peas during their return to Hymathel, approaching them in person to warn about the movement of the Shadow Guard in the city, as well as the party's wanted status in Sanaris. Worried about being associated with criminals, Vyloxen quickly took his leave, but advised the party to leave the country as soon as they could.

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