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We find out the Kingdom of the Sun was destroyed 1273 years ago. It was the year that demons were openly used by the Sun Kingdom to fight in the war.  The Capital was known as “The Sun”, lies in Wild Magic Zone. 

There was once many kingdoms, the Kindom of the Sun conquered each one, forcing them to either convert or die.  

Initially the Kingdom of the Sun worked with Devils, between 2000 to 1500 years ago, but the restrictions of contract constrained them.

The Kingdom of the Sun was an aggressive Military meritocracy – the strong thrive, the weak serve. They got along well with the Demons.  

It isn’t clear what happened 1273 years ago, but part of this was the Kingdom of the Tiger’s King, and his ascension to the God King.  It is forbidden knowledge, but the King became the god king through the sacrifice of an Angel, and the investment of the divine powers from a variety of Gods, which was permanently invested.  The King Ascended, and the attack on the Kingdom of the Sun was divine retribution.

Also, it was suspected that the Demons betrayed the Kingdom of the Sun.  The Kingdom of the Sun attempted to summon and enslave Orcus, and failed. It was suspected that the Demonic retribution and the attack of the God King’s divinity resulted in the wild magic zone. 

The city of the Sun still exists, and it is suspected that the Sun Archive exists. The Tiger’s Den and the Sun were sister cities, and for a long time were quite similar.  

The chasm is very deep.  There’s no direct sunlight at the bottom.

The chasm was a river gorge, but the water from the mountains stopped about 1100 years ago, the Dwergar sealed and redirected the river.  

When we get to some questions about Kingdom of the Sun, the archivists leave, and Nobira Ume comes to talk to us in private.  The Kingdom of the Sun is a taboo subject. He tells us where the known portals are in the Chasm, one of which was where they summoned Orcus. There are three known, two of them are fiends known as something. We can destroy them.  The last one, the one made by Kingdom of the Sun, needs to be either closed using the rod of Cancellation, or by using the original key used to open/close the portal.

There is a teleportation sigil sequence in the facility that holds the portal.  That sigil sequence is probably within the Sun City’s archive, along with any information on the portal key. 

It is suspected that the portal contains a powerful Demon that warps the flesh of people nearby it, extremely dangerous. We will have to be on guard. 

We make plans to go get a rod of cancellation through Destin Acquisitioner. He is able to help us, so we meet him in Sigil, using the Kingdom of the Tiger Portal to Sigil.  

He takes us to Cafziel, a Solar that has the Rod of Cancellation. He wants us to find a derelict ship in Wildspace, where an angel is trapped within an Iron Flask. This spelljammer is called the Golden Zephyr, a pirate ship. The last record they have is that the Golden Zephyr ran afoul of some creatures in the Astral space.  The angel imprisoned is known as Ariel. 

The Golden Zephyr is known to be floating near the Rock of Braal. 

We return to the Tiger’s Den and decide to teleport to the City of the Sun – it is blasted and ruined, and inhabited – by a blue dragon!  

After a pitched combat and dealing with wild magic we defeat the Blue Dragon.  We rescue the dragon’s captured slaves to the kingdom of the Tiger, and then spend the rest of the day collecting the dragon’s hoard. 

We rest the night in the dragon’s den. 

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