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General Description
Centaurs are tall Beastfolk, with a humanoid torso similar to that of an Elf situated at the neck of an equine body. Their hair will usually match that of their equine half, and their humanoid skin is deeply tanned with blue eyes.
Centaur is one of the oldest unchanged languages on Oerth and acts almost as a universal language around the Beastfolk Heartlands. It only has oral vowels, and a stable set of consonantal contrasts. Many members of other races working with the Centaur caravans will also be at least passable with the language.
The culture of the Centaurs is built around their nature as merchants. Many of them work in the merchant caravans that traverse across the Central Plains to the Old World, and those that do not often remain within the Centaur cities and in the Heartlands as hunters. Centaur families are usually polygamous, but while some of them do use this norm as an excuse for promiscuity, generally Centaur husbands will show a great deal of respect for their multiple spouses. As a result, many Centaur families end up being massive, with one Centaur noted as having around thirty-five children throughout his life with his six wives. Recreational use of some drugs (less damaging ones such as moonweed or hallucinogenic mushrooms) is allowed within reason, as it is for the Fae, and overall their mentality is somewhat similar in general to the Fae regarding things such as sexuality and identity. The Centaurs are also noted as the only Beastfolk race to build permanent settlements larger than a small village, and as such all three of the Heartlands’ cities are of Centaur origin. 
Party Animals
The Centaurs are famous for their love of celebration. They are renowned for throwing huge, elaborate parties and festivals, the most famous being the world-renowned Summer Tournament  in Caballus between 1 - 9 Solturn every year, which attracts skilled fighters from all over the world. These usually, regardless of reason, result in the consumption of vast amounts of food and alcohol, dancing in the street and other such revelry. Their celebrations often attract crowds from all over the Heartlands, and for many of the more famous yearly festivals, across Oerth. It is not surprising to see races from all over coming together to celebrate such things as the New Year or the Purple Sun Festival. 
Master Smiths
The Centaurs are also famous for being the world’s finest blacksmiths and armourers, a claim which is easily proven to be true. Centaur weapons are incredibly finely made, with a master smith being able to make even the most impractical weapon design given by a client into something usable with astounding skill and attention to detail, such is the expertise of the craft. Centaur-made armour is a work of art in and of itself, being both practical and incredibly strong but also beautiful. Centaur metalworking techniques are an awe-inspiring thing that can take years or even decades to fully master, and to become the apprentice of a master smith or armourer is considered an incredible honour, as this means they  consider you talented enough to learn their secrets and succeed them. Few know the secrets of Centaur metalworking, and even fewer outside the Heartlands as it is incredibly rare for a non-Centaur to be chosen as an apprentice (the most famous example of this happening being the legendary Giantish blacksmith Edgar McHayden, who passed on the secrets to his descendents who to this day are still blacksmiths renowned for their skill.)
Merchant Race
The Centaurs have been the most open to interact with the outside world of all the Beastfolk, having been travelling across the Central Plains in caravans to sell goods for centuries. As such they are the New World race that has had the longest contact with the Troll Empire. As a people their natural charisma and the inherited know-how of generations upon generations of merchants makes them very shrewd and savvy businessmen, and many who have left the Heartlands (especially those young blacksmiths who have travelled across the plains to open their own forge in the Empire or Bēti) have thrived in the outside world and become successful and respected entrepreneurs.
Physiology Issues
Due to their size, Centaurs can find it hard to move in enclosed spaces, and while they are extremely fast, their size can make it hard to stop easily. Their legs are also quite fragile, and injuries or breaks can be very damaging or even fatal. These can be healed using magic, but it is very difficult, and due to the way their equine half is structured trying to splint such an injury is likely to simply cause damage in the other legs. 

Character Creation Stat Block

+2 Str, +1 Cha, -1 Dex

Default Languages: Centaur, Common

Large (Quadruped): -1 AC, +4 to Special Attacks, -4 to Hide, x3 Carrying Capacity

Built for Speed: You have a movement speed of 40ft and advantage in Athletics checks.

Natural Cavalry: If you move at least 20 feet straight toward a target and then hit it with a Melee Weapon attack on the same turn, roll the  weapon’s damage dice twice and add them together. Once you use this ability, you can’t use  it again until you finish a short or long rest.
Master Smiths: You have Proficiency with Smith’s Tools. For the cost of 10 cp, you are able to make any one-handed simple weapon or one-handed martial weapon at a blacksmith's forge, or you may make any light armor. Additionally, you are able to make up to 10 pieces of any ammunition, at the cost of 1 cp per unit of ammo. You must be at a forge to make use of this feature. The time for crafting weapons and armor is 1 hour. The time for crafting ammunition is 30 minutes. 

Equine Physique: You have disadvantage on Acrobatics checks. You require two squares of space instead of one in combat due to your horse half. You can be used as a mount by allied Medium or smaller creatures. Your armour has to be specially made to fit Centaurs.
Natural Weapons - Hooves: Your hooves are natural Melee Weapons, with which you’re proficient. If you hit with a hoof, the target takes Bludgeoning damage equal to 1d6+your Strength modifier.

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