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Union of independent tribes


Recent History
A Daemonic civilisation is believed to be developing on the Oerth side of the Portal, by the various daemonic races and extraplanar creatures which pass through. However, this has not proven sustainable due to the varying and usually temporary connection points on the other side of the portal. Violent breakthroughs are common and usually short lived. An exception to this is the connection to the Succubi homeland, but few details are confirmed.
The portal formed under part of the Dwarven capital of Veg Darul in 2A 984, causing the Great Mountain above it to collapse. The portal was the deliberation creation of the Mad Priestess of Ja’Kra. This was one of the factors in the collapse of the Dwarven Kingdom. 
Currently Manzil, under the orders of the Nagi High Priestess, has occupied the surviving areas of Veg Darul and currently monitors the portal.

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