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Recent History
Following the Fall of Caislean and the end of the universally devastating Imperial Wars, the formerly proud Elven kingdom is now a major cog in the Imperial machine. Many of its people are not happy about this and civil unrest is common but usually quickly put down either by the increasingly beleaguered Troll Imperial Army forces stationed in the Duchy or by starvation.
General Description
Southern Tír lays ruined by the sacking of its capital city of Caisleán with the current Troll-installed government leading from the great Fortress of Balla, whilst the North lays the thinly populated northern moors, peppered with small villages and dominated by the great castles of Fod, Moín Castle, Slát Castle and Breasal. Tír is largely rural, full of forests and meadows that give a plain definition of why the continent of the Sea of Green is called such. 
Political Situation
The former nation is a ticking time bomb of different sects and factions, divided between supporting the Trolls, supporting the local pro-independence terror sect known as Oglaigh na Tír and supporting various members of the deposed Royal House of Quinnlee as well as the other Royal Houses, particularly House Drakenfiend and its head, Countess Orla Viore Drakenfiend (known as Viore the Dragon Slayer or the Dragon-Bone Queen). One very popular one that has rapidly been gaining traction is following the legitimised Fae royal bastard, Shayla Maoilriain, who has taken up residence in the village of T'Kashire and has gained a rapid reputation for being fair and just. Ultimately, something sparking the powder keg that is Tír now appears a question of when rather than if. 
Other Local Issues
The southeast of Tír in particular currently appears to have something of an issue with a vast influx of undead of late. This has led to a decreased population in Southern Tír and reduced food production, which has in turn led to increased Troll imports to stave off starvation. The Duchy's main port lies in the Barony of Coillearnach, which also brings up an issue of transporting goods to remote locations as Coillearnach sits on almost the direct centre of the Duchy. 
The Empire
The Empire is very concerned with the highly unstable political situation in the Grand Duchy, to the point where around a quarter of the Empire’s military might dealing with various issues in the south of the Duchy. Much of the North however is empty enough that little has happened in that area, with the exception of a peasant uprising in Moin in 3A 168 which led to the death of Irven Murcadha and the exile of its leader, Logan Campbell
For all of the anti-Troll sentiment and all of the current turmoil, Tír seems surprisingly reluctant to repeat the mistakes of the past in that one aspect for whatever reason. Mor’Koc themselves seem to have a similar stance, having been a major force in supporting the Tíran relief efforts and in fighting off the waves of undead and bandits swarming around the South. The North, as it is by the people within Tír, largely left alone, and remains as it always has been under the rule of the four Houses of Cuinn, Drakenfiend, Murcadha and mac Griemdorc.
The Faerie Isle
Tír has long had a very close positive relationship with the Faerie Isle, and the two regularly trade goods. The Fae Royal Family of Maoilriain is popular in the Duchy, particularly the legitimised bastard Princess Shayla who resides in Southern Tír and holds the newly created title of Countess of T'Kashire. Conversely, a member of House Quinnlee, namely Lady Selene, currently resides in exile in the Royal Palace in Síocháin. 
Sun Elves
A uniquely Tíran issue, the Unknown are a specific group of Undead made from the bones of those who died during the Fall of Caisleán (which, notably, wasn't exclusively populated by High Elves but also Giants, Fae, Expansion Lesser Catfolk and Halflings, hundreds of whom also died) and are distinctive by their bones being bleached white, being dressed in unique black versions of the old Tíran Royal Army uniform, and having a crude red sun painted onto their foreheads. These skeletal Undead have been raiding Southern Tíran towns for months at the time of writing with no sign of stopping. They seem to be originating from, understandably, the ruined city of Caisleán, but who is creating them and why remains a mystery. 

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