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Items in italics denote events which are no longer considered canon and will be deleted when retconned.

Formerly a tiny village nestled in the forests of the far south of the Grand Duchy of Tir, T’Kashire was formally founded in 3A 25 around a former Imperial Troll Military Forces encampment from the Imperial Wars (hence the Trollish name) and only came to importance recently, thanks to Shayla Maoilriain, First Princess of the Faerie Isle, becoming the village’s Mayoress. The village has flourished into a full-fledged town under her leadership, and more and more eyes look in this settlement’s direction as it grows and thrives like a stubborn flower in the wildfire of Tir’s political situation.

After Shayla killed the infamous murderer Logan Campbell, she was bestowed with the newly created title of Countess of T’Kashire by Duke Erwen de'Valice and began to construct a small castle overlooking her new dominion.

Following the issuing of her title as Count, Shayla Maoilriain has begun to build T'Kashire Castle to protect the village.

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