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Coronation Armour of the Imperial Emperors


The Imperial coronation armour dates back to the 2nd Age, and was a gift from the last independent King of the Dwarves to celebrate their integration into the Empire. 

The armour itself is of a antiquated style of heavy plate armour, but the materials are adamantine carved with channels in magical patterns. These channels are inlaid with Mythril from Trollopolis and a large amount of gold leaf, and the entire suit was made by a highly skilled Centaur blacksmith.

It has never been worn into combat, considering its impractical design, extreme weight and various weak points (notably the joints being made of regular steel due to the difficulty of shaping small pieces of adamantine), as well as its importance culturally and its intended use as a ceremonial piece. When not in use it is usually displayed in a magically guarded glass case in the Imperial Palace's main hall.

Created by Southrufus 10 months ago. Last modified by Sam Perkins 6 months ago

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