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The All-Mother, Queen of the Night, Mistress of the Starry Sky, She Who Loves Eternal, The Lady in White, She of Love and Moonlight, Mother Moon, the Gardener of the Heavens


Current Location
She resides on The Moon, in her celestial garden of flowers, with a small cottage which is also the true home of her husband, Jak'ra.
General Description
She is the wife of Jak'ra, mother of The Nameless One, Dezrael and Leannan, and goddess of The Moon, love in all of its many forms, family, motherhood, honour, peace, flowers, mercy, truth, selflessness, order and emotions. She rules the Night, and represents the ideal of Equilibrium, as the other four ideals cannot exist without each other and must be kept in balance.
Amaryllis' true form generally resembles a feminine incarnation of Jak'ra in shape, though more symmetrical and white in colour with blue eyes and aura, and silver hair. She appears to wear a dress made of stars and apparently a veil over her face with a crescent moon as a halo and a crown of amaryllis flowers on her head. Being the reserved Goddess she is, she rarely comes down to the Mortal Plane on important duties, but when she does she takes the form of an unspeakably beautiful High Elf woman with glowing blue eyes, silver hair and a white hooded cloak with a veil. She will also occasionally take the form of an inconspicuous individual in order to attend weddings that she feels deserving of her blessing; such attendance is never known about until later, when an amaryllis flower with a silver sheen to the petals will be found among the wedding gifts. 
The worshippers of Amaryllis tend to carry weapons enchanted with the powers of The Moon, such as a Moonlight Saber.

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