Dashboard Real-Time Eberron: Jade Foxes and Beyond

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The campaign world beings in a standard Eberron setting and runs in real time, where 998YK = 2018.

The PCs all answer a call to adventure at a tavern in Korth. They walk into a trap and find themselves tied up in a basement. Upon escaping, they become embroiled in the machinations of the Emerald Claw. What happens next is up to them... 

The Heroes of Our Game

Campaign 2: Karrnath

Campaign 1: The Jade Foxes

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KA09. The Last Legion
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The Last Legion
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KA08. Into the Tomb
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4 hours ago KA09. The Last Legion

Elias Minch was immediately struck by the banshee that appeared (KA08. Into the Tomb), instantly rendering him unconscious.  The rest of the party quickly rushed to his assistance, with Bludak Mal K'shaar using Turn Undead to buy them some temporary respite.  Continuing through the labyrinth, the party came across a large cavern just as the banshee came upon them again.  Letting out an inhuman wail, Arc / Arcadia Reya / Nalok / ??? and Bludak Mal K'shaar were immediately rendered unconscious.  Elias Minch and Smith managed to stablise and revive them, and Arc / Arcadia Reya / Nalok / ??? bought more time by using Dissonant Whispers on the banshee.

Eventually they were able to defeat the creature, and continue along a precarious path that crossed the cavern.  A sealed door could be seen to one side, but the access to it was blocked by a gap too large to cross.  Therefore the party carried on, walking through the dark corridors until they finally came to the lower levels of Fort Duskdale.

Listening at the door, the party were able to hear voices; in particular, someone was threatening someone else.  Arc / Arcadia Reya / Nalok / ??? changed form; no longer a human, she took on the appearance of a slightly weak-looking Hobgoblin.  In her new form, she and Bludak Mal K'shaar decided to kick the door open; however their strength deserted them, and the only result was a loud noise from the door vibrating.  Positioning themselves either side of the door, the party waited until it opened, and one of the snake-women that they had seen a corpse of before in the shipwreck came slithering through.  A battle quickly ensued, with Bludak Mal K'shaar entering the room to see half a dozen more of these snake-women, along with an orc woman that appeared to be a prisoner.  

The prisoner broke free of the guard holding her, and yelling to Bludak Mal K'shaar that they needed to get out before reinforcements arrived, proceeded to turn into a clawfoot and race towards the door that the party had come through.  The rest of the snake-women were quickly killed.  A spellcaster attempted to use Witchbolt on Arc / Arcadia Reya / Nalok / ???, but Smith was able to use his cannon to push her off the bridge that she was standing on, before being killed by Bludak Mal K'shaar and Elias Minch.  The snake-women were able to do enough damage to make the orc prisoner revert back to her orcish form, but she continued to attack using Ice Knife while she ran out of the room.

After they were all free, she introduced herself as Ralloc, one of the orcs that Grall had mentioned had been kidnapped.  She explained that she didn't know who the The Last Legion were, but they had kidnapper her and two other now-deceased orcs to enchant their weapons, in order for a raid on Bloodrot PrisonRalloc said that she had a friend in the guard there, so that she could organise a complete rout of Fort Duskdale if the party could get her there safely.  Returning the way they had come, Ralloc was escorted to her friend.

With the source of the attacks established, the party returned to KorthArc / Arcadia Reya / Nalok / ??? reported to her superiors, and was informed that The Last Legion were personally loyal to Kaius III, but no knowledge was offered as to the Legion's belief that the current King was an imposter.  It was suggested that Arc / Arcadia Reya / Nalok / ??? might continue to adventure with the party, as this expedition had proven beneficial to Karrnath interests.  The rest of the party reported back to the construction site where the Storm's Grace was being repaired; Selene d'Lyrandar thanked them for their efforts, and promised that as Fenric d'Lyrandar was healing well, she would be able to adventure with them again soon.

Despite the end of the adventure, the party came away with more questions than answers.  Who were the strange snake-women that comprised The Last Legion, and were they correct in thinking that Kaius III was an imposter?  If not, who was the prisoner at Bloodrot Prison?  In the brewing conflict between the orcs and the halflings that they met, which side was right, and would it be resolved peacefully?  Was the impact of civilisation's wars hurting the land, as they had seen in the area around Stirk Lumberyard, or would it recover from the ravages of The Last War?

If nothing else, it was clear from the damage done to the forests and the continued fighting of The Last Legion, that the impact of The Last War was far from over in Karrnath...

Selene d'Lyrandar was born in Stormhome, the island that serves as the Lyrandar seat of power, in 966YK.  She was raised in service to House Lyrandar, and expected to follow in her parents' footsteps - both held minor administrative roles within the Raincaller's Guild in Stormhome.

All that changed on Selene's sixteenth birthday, when her dragonmark manifested on her left hand - the first time that a dragonmark had appeared in her lineage for five generations.  Selene underwent significant training, and quickly found that her connection with her dragonmark let her instinctively cast magic. 

She formally entered service to Lyrandar in 986YK at the age of twenty, initially serving on a number of transport galleons based out of Stormhome.  Soon after the creation of the first airships in 990YK, Selene was accepted as an apprentice aboard the Storm's Grace, under the command of Captain Fenric d'Lyrandar.  The Storm's Grace served as a troop transport during the last few years of the Last War.  It did not participate directly in battles, but the crew did see combat occasionally, mostly from pirates, flying creatures and those foolish enough not to respect Lyrandar's neutrality.

Not long after the end of the Last War, Selene was appointed as the airship's pilot, a position that she has held ever since.  The Storm's Grace has been continually in service to Lyrandar in a variety of roles - such as transporting goods and carrying expeditions to far-flung lands.  Selene is happy in her current position, but her hope for the future is that she can one day command her own airship - either the Storm's Grace as Fenric d'Lyrandar's chosen successor, or another one in the service of House Lyrandar.

In early 1000YK, the Storm's Grace was hired by legendary explorer Lord Boroman ir'Dayne for an expedition to the Glowing Chasm, deep within the Mournland.  The expedition was successful, but the Storm's Grace took heavy damage from the strange magic that inhabits the area.  Desperately in need of repairs, Captain Fenric d'Lyrandar brought the airship to Korth, capital of the nation of Karrnath.  There the Storm's Grace faces several months of repairs; the crew is given shore-leave.  Selene decides to use the time to spend some time away from her crewmates, and finds herself drawn into a new adventure within Korth...