Dashboard Real-Time Eberron: Jade Foxes and Beyond

The campaign world beings in a standard Eberron setting and runs in real time, where 998YK = 2018.

The PCs all answer a call to adventure at a tavern in Korth. They walk into a trap and find themselves tied up in a basement. Upon escaping, they become embroiled in the machinations of the Emerald Claw. What happens next is up to them... 

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1 week ago KA01. Bound, Gagged, and Blindfolded

In the city of Korth, capital of Karrnath, a number of strangers all receive a mysterious note inviting them to the Dragon's Nest Inn later that day, with the promise of gold and adventure for only the bravest of souls to apply. Bludak Mal K'shaar, Daellin, Elias Minch, Selene d'Lyrandar, and Smith were the only ones stupid enough to take up the offer.

Upon arrival they were greeted by the gnomish husband and wife proprietors who served them all a hearty steak meal and ale whilst they waited for the potential employer. However, the food was poisoned and one-by-one, the heroes collapse and black-out.

After awakening on a hard floor, bound, gagged, and blindfolded (minus their equipment and gold), Bludak and Daellin managed to free themselves using sheer strength of will, and then helped the others. With little time to make introductions or assess the situation further, footsteps are heard approaching. As two guards entered the room, Selene unleashed magical attacks to surprise the foes. Bludak and Daellin made use of make shift weapons (an iron bar and a sharp rock) to help kill the guards and allow the group to escape.

There was no time for breathe as Bludak stormed off towards the sound of someone screaming nearby, with the others chasing after him. Clearly enraged, he kicked the door down of the room, to witness a crazed torturer stretching a semi-conscious half-elf on a rack. Using a mace he took from one of the guards, Bludak assaulted the torturer, but not without taking a nasty wound to the leg. The rest of the part helped finsh her off, whilst Selene attempted to stem the blood flow from the half-elf.

The half-elf revealed herself to be Remora d'Lyrandar, and in her injured state, admitted to be an Aundarian spy, spying on Karrnath, but also caught up in the Emerald Claw's plots. She told the group that this was an Emerald Claw hideout, but that she didn't know why they had been drugged. With some healing, she agreed to assist the group in escaping, but that five more remained upstairs, including the adept swordsman leader, Coyle.

After finding their equipment (although Bludak was not happy about his missing armour), Selene disguised herself as the torturer to trick another guard down for Smith to kill with a high-speed mouldy orange. No longer able to contain his anger, Bludak charged upstairs to assault the remaining guard. Battle ensued with the others joining, as well as the remaining gang members upstairs.

Mid-battle, Coyle threatened the heroes with framing them for the murder of the gnomes who ran the Dragon's Nest inn, unless they stood down and listened to what he had to say. However, at that point he was cornered and did not have the power to bargain. He then managed to force his way though a secret door in the bookcase (despite Smith setting it alight) and run into the crowds. However, Elias and Remora tracked him down and finished him off, just before he slipped away.

Battle over, Selene discovered some important information regarding their captivity on Coyle's desk. He had ensnared them in order to use them for an important mission his superiors had given him; to retrieve an ancient scripture from Cleric Boyden at the Cathedral to the Sovereign Host, and to subsequently assassinate him. Coyle did not have the manpower to achieve such a feat, and did not want to risk culpability either. His spies had identified the heroes as capable to carry this out. Coyle had then paid off the gnomes to rent out the tavern and for their silence. He ensured his men were not seen at the inn, but that witnesses saw all of the heroes entering. He also claimed to have planted further evidence incriminating them in the murder.

Remora gave the heroes the name of General Yorin Thaurum at the military academy, and stated they would need to clear their names with him in order to avoid being arrested for murder. However, she did not feel this would be a problem, given the evidence in their favour. She then left, indebted to them for saving her life - promising to be back in Korth soon, and begging them not to mention her in any report to the Karrnathi authorities. The heroes took a much needed rest before decided on their next course of action.