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How to Play

Game system


When your kitty tries to do something tricky or dangerous, you will be asked to make a check. Your game master (GM) will tell you which attribute—Cute, Cunning, or Fierce—is that one you will roll for. (Don't remember what the attributes do? Read Creating Your Kitty!) The number you have in that Attribute is the number of dice you start with. This is called your dice pool.  If your kitty is using a Talent, you can add an additional die to your dice pool. If your kitty is using a Magical Power, you can add two more dice to your dice pool, but you can only do this once per scene. You may also get a die for a success bonus, or lose a die for each injury you have. If your total dice in a pool is zero, you can't roll the dice.

The difficulty of the check ranges from 3 to 6. The higher the number, the tougher the check. 

Once you have all of your dice and know the difficulty, it's time to roll your dice. Roll them all at once. Each die that gets a number equal to or higher than the difficulty counts as a success. If you rolled no successes, your kitty fails at the task. If it at least one die was a success, your kitty Succeeds. The more successes you roll, the better your kitty does!

Kitty Treats

At the start of each episode, you begin with Kitty Treat tokens equal to the number on your character sheet. (For new kitties, this is 2.) These treats are a way to change the story of the game to the kitty's favor. They don't roll over from the previous episode. Kitty treats can be used to re-roll one or more dice in your dice pool, to avoid an injury, to use a bonus feature for one of your Magical Powers, or to add something to the story beyond the kitty's control.

You can earn more Kitty Treats during play by using your kitty's Flaw. When a kitty's Flaw makes the game more interesting or fun, or makes it harder for the kitties to achieve their goal, the GM might give you another Kitty Treat.


Owies track physical harm to your kitty. Your kitty has an Owie Limit which starts at 2. This is how many Owies your kitty can take each episode before being injured. As long as you don't go over the Owie Limit, your kitty might get roughed up, but not seriously hurt and your kitty won't have any penalties.

If your kitty is at or above your Owie Limit, and you take another Owie, your kitty suffers an Injury instead. Each Injury your kitty suffers means you lose one die to roll in your dice pool.

If a kitty has a number of Injuries equal to your highest Attribute, then your kitty is knocked out and unable to act for the rest of the scene.

At the end of a scene, your kitty will recover one Injury.

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