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  1. Notes

Improved Martial Actions


The following are a general improvement to movement, actions and attacks (making them more of a resource), and a few changes to make the game more tactical (inspired a bit by D&D3.5). The options here are general changes, so they can be used by any creature, giving more benefits to creatures with many attacks (such as the martial classes), giving utility besides just damage. And also another fix to Two-Weapon Fighting, now compatible with the Fighter's Action Surge feature for a "flurry of blades".

Modular Options

The only options that are meant to work together are from Revised Weapon Properties, with either Movement as Interaction or Expanded Opportunity Attacks. All other options can work perfectly fine individually. I personally use all of them at the same time on my tables, but if an option isn't to your taste, you can simply exclude it.

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