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  1. Characters

Hutsil Tecutlat

The Golden Hummingbird


The great temple-dancer has refused to leave, even as the ground shakes and the air fills with poison. He can be found deep within The great temple of Coba, continuing to dance his supplications to the sun.

The Golden Hummingbird is considered one of the greatest to have ever been granted the gift. Sun-touched, his power is expressed physically. It is said he once danced for 3 months without rest in order to bring rain to the kingdoms of Ran after a 40 year drought. For this the King of Ran had a costume crafted of the finest feathers, each preserved for eternity with layers of gold thinner than a breath of air.

Coming north after the destruction of Wan Lakta, the city of death, the Golden Hummingbird thought to live out the rest of his days at peace. With the rising of a new tower, he now believes he is being punished for something, although for what, he doesn't know.

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