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Elves stand on average 1.8-2.2 meters tall, and have an average weight of around 70-120kg and their complexion will vary widely based on emotions, geography, and parentage but will generally lean towards earth tones. Sex and gender is often very hard to distinguish in elves, their appearance is androgynous, though biology can still give hints towards what it might be. Elven hair and eye color is not bound by normal means, as they can range from pinks to greens and browns. They may even change color multiple times throughout an individuals lifespan, often by means such as emotional state and age. Broadly speaking their physiology is similar to that of humans, which has brought with it speculation of their origin. And in certain cultures and societies it is taught that they are in fact humans warped by the nature of the Fae. 

Expression is very important in a lot of elven cultures, expressive clothing and accessories is very common. Bright dresses or robes, piercings, jewelry, and accessories are common place. Some cultures award specific piercings or jewelry to those who accomplish great feats in their line of work. Among these accessories are casvi, casvi are metallic adornments fitted on the ears, made in expensive metals and often fitted with gems, their designs are indicative of what the individual wearing them is involved in. A set of casvi made in silver with a jagged design could indicate of a great arcane knowledge.


Elves are naturally inclined towards the chaos of the Fae, this is also true to those native to Ylvestra. As the Fae has ingrained itself to the very core of their being, they are heavily inclined to the emotional extremes which would be normal there. They are easily moved to anger, joy and sadness, and can just as quickly lose those emotions. They are naturally drawn to artistry and academia, and they are often interested in more than just one subject at a time. Most would describe them as whimsical and spontaneous, but they are like most not homogenous, and the description may not fit in on every elf depending on various factors. Usually this is seen as a natural adaptation to local society, but there are often more than just a singular factor.


Many elves are born with natural talents for magic, inherited from the Fae. Many continue their journey into sorcery, most often this is specialized to help in a chosen profession, while some delve deep to perfect their sorcerous abilities. Their abilities start manifesting when they are very young, though they often appear in uncontrolled bursts when emotions grow strong. It is not until they reach their teenage years that they fully control their abilities. 


Elves are as affected by the Fae in their biology as they are in other aspects. This naturally 

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