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Tools & Usage



Tool Proficiencies

Tool proficiencies are a useful way to highlight a character's background and talents. At the game table, though, the use of tools sometimes overlaps with the use of skills, and it can be unclear how to use them together in certain situations. This section offers various ways that tools can be used in the game.

Tools and Skills Together

Tools have more specific applications than skills. The History skill applies to any event in the past. A tool such as a forgery kit is used to make fake objects and little else. Thus, why would a character who has the opportunity to acquire one or the other want to gain a tool proficiency instead of proficiency in a skill?

Advantage & Benefits. A character in both a skill and a tool which could both apply to a skill check gain advantage on what skill check if the tools are being used. If a character is proficient in a skill and the tools they may also gain additional information or may have a greater success-rate compared to someone who is only proficient in one of them.

List of Tools

Alchemist's Supplies

Brewer's Supplies

Calligrapher's Supplies

Carpenter's Tools

Cobbler's Tools

Cook's Utensils

Disguise Kit

Forgery Kit

Gaming Kit

Glassblower's Tools

Herbalism Kit

Jeweler's Tools

Leatherworker's Tools

Mason's Tools

Musical Instruments

Navigator's Tools

Painter's Supplies

Poisoner's Kit

Potter's Tools

Smith's Tools

Thieves' Tools

Tinker's Tools

Weaver's Tools

Woodcarver's Tools