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East Woodlands

Environment & Weather

The high Simberland peaks towering to the west, and the Sheliad mountains to the south-east see to a late arrival of sun in the region. The environment is humid and there is no lack of swamps and wetlands in the region. This is very different from its bordering regions, as the Sheliad Desert to the south is covered in dry sands, and the Simberlands to the west is to a great degree covered in dry badlands. Though, the East Woodlands are not doomed to wet unworkable ground, as parts if the region is covered in fields of dark green grass, often close to the thickest forests where the trees can help rid the ground of excess moisture. 

There are few large bodies of water inlands in the region, though there is the Bellowing Lake named after the echoes which scatter across it as winds strike across the Simberland Mountains. This lake is connected to the sea by the river splitting the mountains from the land, conveniently named The Splitting River. The river is also a way for traders to reach Trapas which is a large trade hub for people traveling the east coast of Patle Diame. 

Plants & Wildlife

The plants of the region are often adapted to the moist and humid conditions. The different vegetation in the regions are those that can adapt to either float connected to a stem, survive emerging through it or fully submerged in a body of water. Closer to forests where the land allows it there is often not much place for wild plants as most is used by farmers to grow a variety of crops and the like, though where it is allowed there might be a selection of flowers or plants which require little sunlight and are seasonal to the warmer parts of the year.

To a large part, the region is covered in reptiles and snakes of various sizes. These being the greatest predators of the region, the herbivorous or prey animals of the region have adapted to easily traverse the lands unhindered and great vision to escape when targeted by one of them. Various mammalian animals are native to the area, some which have adapted to live in the murky waters and some that run across the swamps. 

Settlements & Inhabitants

The coastal towns' citizens cover themselves in thick wools as winds from the north-east sweeps in during the colder parts of the year. Dull colors are commonplace, which makes it clear that those covered in bright lively colors are most likely well off in comparison. Professions common in the region is an assortment of raw material gathering, while those who work the raw material often make a greater cut of cash. Labor intensive crops tended to by multiple farmers cover the inland which allows it, hunters and trappers scour the lands for pelts and skins which are sold to merchants, sailors work the ships which land in the port towns, and a fair amount of miners work the mines in the Berelis Peaks and Owilian Summit. 

Some understand the rugged beauty of the land and see it as a fairly beautiful region of Patle Diame, whilst others will point out the horribly cold climate and rough lands. There is a collected pride of those who live in the region, a respect for the land which takes special care to tend to, and the work it takes doing so.

Local Power

A select amount of factions have started since the settlement, they reach the unmapped smallest settlements of the regions to the larger towns. In control of these factions there are the leaders of Fleetfall, Arwen, and Trapas. There are talks of merging alliances among these, especially Fleetfall and Arwen who have had a great trade relationship since the beginning. However the talks have been interrupted by Fleetfalls many changes of power since the sellement. Trapas has held a solid grasp of trade though it reaches far beyond the East Woodlands. They have had talks regarding alliances with rulers in the Simberlands, though none have carried through as of yet.

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